Metroplex Management Group Organizes Corporate Summit

Dallas, Texas, July 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Corporate Summit, organized by Metroplex Director of Operations Bill Bishop, the three fold corporate training session held in Dallas and Chicago, is designed to boost corporate morale, expand associate knowledge on client promotions and allow for regional recognition for top performers.

The Irving Convention Center in Dallas, Texas hosted the Southwest Summit on June 7. Nearly a week later, the Regency O’hare hosted the Midwest Summit in Oakbrook, Illinois.

Over 400 associates, managers and future partners were in attendance at each of the regional conferences.

Bill explains, “This is one of the most motivating and fulfilling aspects of my job. Educating the leaders of our organization and providing a clear and concise business plan for their future is incredibly rewarding.”

Each of the Summits had six, hand selected guest speakers flown in to speak about core topics held in high regard for the company’s foundation. These topics included progressive leadership, sales and team management, business development, direct marketing and promotions, and much more.

“The meetings are not only designed to educate and motivate, but to congratulate the associates who are making their mark with our clients on a national scale,” says Bill.

Last year on average, 20 associates were promoted to the Assistant Director position at each of the Summits. Due to client mergers and newly acquired contracts, projections depicted those numbers would by more than 50% this year. The projections proved to be right on par.

As the Southwest and Midwest Summits wrap up the record setting first half of 2017, Metroplex Management Group is expected to rapidly expand into three new markets including Phoenix, Arizona, Fort Worth, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Two new campaigns are projected to roll out in the upcoming months, furthering the imminent growth for the second half of the year.


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