In an Evil Internet Minute, $858,153 is Lost to Cybercrime, Reveals RiskIQ

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With cybercriminals costing the global economy $454 billion last year alone1, digital threat management leader RiskIQ has examined the growing volume of malicious activity on the internet to reveal the inaugural ‘Evil Internet Minute.’ In a single evil internet minute, close to $858,153 is lost to cybercrime, and 1,080 people fall victim. Despite businesses’ best efforts to guard against external cyberthreats, spending up to $142,6942 in 60 seconds, bad actors continue to proliferate online.

Scott Gordon, chief marketing officer, RiskIQ, said, “As the internet and its community continue to grow at pace, researchers have been trying to make the vast numbers associated with it more accessible by framing them in the context of an ‘internet minute.’ As the same growth applies to cybercrime, we have framed malicious internet activity, leveraging the latest research as well as our own intelligence, to define the darker happenings across the web in that quick but impactful timeframe.”

The threats are complex, with tactics ranging from malware to phishing, and intentions including monetary gain, inflicting large scale reputational damage, or perhaps even to entertain. Cybercriminals continue to find success deploying tactics from 818 pieces of unique malware, 1,214 ransomware attacks, and more than 100,000 phishing emails in just one evil internet minute.

RiskIQ’s research has also uncovered additional malicious activity, ranging from blacklisted mobile apps to malvertising:

  • New blacklisted mobile apps: 0.3 per minute
  • New phishing pages: 100 per minute
  • Malvertising: 14.5 new malicious ads per minute
  • Pirate content: 4,300 people globally exposed to malware from content theft sites per minute

“As companies innovate web, social, and mobile means to engage with their customers, partners, and employees, threat actors will prey on business exposures and brands to capture users’ trust, access credentials, and sensitive data,” Gordon said. “This requires organizations to extend their security programs to monitor and mitigate threats outside the firewall.”

To view RiskIQ’s Evil Internet Minute infographic, please click here.

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