GlobalOnePay launches next generation global eCommerce Payment Facilitator platform

GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments, simplifies payment aggregation, delivers frictionless sub-merchant onboarding

PLANO, Texas, July 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments offering global omni-channel payment processing technologies and merchant services, announced today it has launched its next generation eCommerce Payment Facilitator (Payfac) platform. This innovative, turnkey solution enables payment facilitators, marketplaces, SaaS providers and ISVs to generate revenue by offering global payment processing as an integrated, value-added service.

GlobalOnePay provides the technology, legal framework and bank sponsorship support for merchant aggregators to process transactions under a sub-merchant platform. By provisioning a single, master merchant ID, GlobalOnePay ensures organizations and their clients benefit from an automated, real-time and seamless onboarding experience. The API-driven Payfac platform simplifies merchant account enrolment; in as little as one business day, a sub-merchant can be enrolled, approved, boarded and processing payments.

GlobalOnePay’s Payfac Program Benefits:

  • Compliance: Ensures organizations meet card brand guidelines and comply with regulations for aggregating payments.
  • Speed & simplicity: Delivers frictionless, real-time onboarding and underwriting, reducing complexity, cost and time to market.
  • Revenue generation: Generates more revenue by easily provisioning a merchant account for clients with the added flexibility to set and modify pricing.
  • Client experience: Own the customer experience from A-Z and avoid sharing clients with a third party payment gateway.
  • Brand ownership: Promote your own brand, not a third party, by using your company’s logo, colors, look and feel for everything payments-related.
  • Robust support: Receive assistance throughout the entire process, from bank sponsorship and legal framework to reporting, merchant activation and second level support handling.

“GlobalOnePay helps resellers, developers and vertical market software providers build an additional, recurring profit stream, along with boosting client retention and stickiness," said John Hughes, general manager of GlobalOnePay. “Our platform can be used to receive payments in over a hundred currencies and offers the ability for sub-merchants to accept more payment options, including UnionPay credit and PIN debit, from customers worldwide.”

Growing Demand for Payment Facilitation

According to research estimates, the Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) and Software as a Service (SaaS) provider markets are set to generate US $4.4 billion in net revenue within five years. This represents an 88% year-over-year growth in Payfac transaction volume, as more organizations seek to tap into the lucrative payments space.

“Today’s Payment Facilitator transaction volume is a fraction of its potential,” continued Hughes. “We’re opening up the addressable payments market in a major way with our program. It’s exciting to have more prospective partners showing interest in integrating with our platform every day.”

Merchant Services as a Value Added Solution

An added benefit to partnering with GlobalOnePay is instant access to its suite of merchant solutions. Partners can generate additional revenue by reselling a range of services including credit card auto account updater, multi-currency pricing, tokenization, advanced fraud detection tools and smart transaction routing.

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About GlobalOnePay

GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments, is a leading provider of global omni-channel payment processing technologies and merchant services. The company’s modular, scalable, cloud-based platform enables businesses of all sizes to grow faster by accepting a wider range of payments from virtually any market in the world. GlobalOnePay also provides a comprehensive range of merchant services to help businesses increase sales and efficiencies for online, in-store, and mobile purchases. For more information, visit


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

GlobalOnePay’s innovative payment facilitator platform delivers automated, real-time and seamless client onboarding, from application to processing in as little as one day. 

Through its state-of-the-art platform, support, easy implementation and rapid integration, GlobalOnePay helps its partners go to market in a compliant, efficient manner to drive more revenue and business growth.

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