Century Center Chiropractic's Dr. Jared Simon Plays a Role in VH1's Daytime Divas

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ATLANTA, July 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Century Center Chiropractic's Dr. Jared Simon has a performing a role in VH1's Daytime Divas. He is playing the part of Dr. Laurence Jackman in two episodes during 2017. Dr. Simon has had several film roles in various series. He has played various roles such as a plastic surgeon, a police detective, and other characters.

When Century Center Chiropractic's Dr. Jared Simon isn't busy being an accomplished chiropractor in real life, he often plays a doctor on TV. This year, he has secured a role as Dr. Laurence Jackman, who has appeared in two episodes of Daytime Divas on VH1. In many cases, his TV doctor personas end up in very dramatic situations in which they have to respond to sudden medical emergencies. This is a big contrast from his real-life work of providing chiropractic treatment. His chiropractic office focuses on pain management, sports injury treatment, and other chiropractic care services.

"I have always loved helping people deal with pain in real life, and I have a big love of acting as well. I have combined the two interests in many exciting ways. As a chiropractor, I work with organizations like the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild to provide treatments to those in the performing arts. When I am acting myself, I tend to choose roles as other types of physicians. By playing as a surgical doctor, I am able to take part in dramatic scenes that pull the audience into the action. That said, I am not limited to medical roles. I've also played as a stockbroker, a lawyer, and more," said Dr. Simon

It is rare that a person will successfully combine two careers of such a divergent nature, especially when one of those careers is a doctoral-level profession. However, Dr. Simon has not only done so, but has been acting since at least 1985 according to the online database IMDb. Typically, he will accept roles that only appear in one or two episodes of a series, and take on about two or three of these parts per year. This allows him to devote most of his time to his real-life practice, Century Center Chiropractic.  

At his chiropractic clinic in Atlanta, Dr. Simon provides chiropractic treatment for a wide variety of ailments, all the way from low back pain to TMJ. He also provides treatments geared to help heal specific types of injuries.

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