BioNovelus Shows Successful Trial Results for Crop Protection and Post-Harvest in Guatemala

CR-10 Biofungicide Helps Improve Crop Productivity and Sustainability.

Phoenix, July 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  — Results from the field trials for BioNovelus (OTC Pink: ONOV) CR-10 Biofungicide for crop protection and post-harvest security and preservation have been very positive. These tests are ongoing in Guatemala as multiple harvests are monitored to gather data in order to show growers a decrease in the cost of production on a growing cycle as well as an increase in crop productivity. 

“These trials are done in the fields and follow the three to five month growing cycle of the fruits and vegetables being tested,” says Jean Ekobo, CEO and Founder of BioNovelus. “For example, it takes three months to get the first harvest of peppers. Then, the pepper plants can produce another three to five times over the season. With BioNovelus CR-10 Biofungicide used as a preventive measure, growers tell us they believe they can produce three additional harvests. That will help them increase crop productivity and, with it, sustainability.”

With regard to food security and food preservation, in testing CR-10 Biofungicide is showing impressive results in its ability to kill bacteria, fungi, and spores. It expands the shelf-life while keeping produce pathogen-free, fresh and crisp. “Food growers and packers have been happily surprised by the performance of CR-10,” Ekobo continues. “For the zucchinis, for example, by using multiple toxic chemicals they could preserve the vegetables for about 11 to 15 days. Using only environmentally-responsible CR-10, with no other added products, they monitored the zucchinis after 30 days and were impressed with the results.” 

Increasing the shelf-life of vegetables and fruits should allow food growers to reach more markets, serve more customers, and increase their bottom line. It can also increase sustainability and give access to fresher and safer food to people in remote places. CR-10 Biofungicide comes at the right time because, at the present rate of growth, we will need to feed two billion extra people by 2050.1

Testimonials of growers are posted on BioNovelus’ YouTube channel. Here are the following links:,,

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About BioNovelus:
BioNovelus is a bioscience company that honors the environment with innovative, cost effective, and disruptive technology-based solutions to crop protection, food security, and health challenges.

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There is no assurance of when registrations in Guatemala will be obtained for CR-10 Biofungicide and various applications as several field trials are still in progress. There is no assurance that the coffee rust application or any other crop protection or post-harvest protection applications will prove commercially viable. There is no assurance that any transaction will be done with Guatemalan distributors.

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