European CEO explores the tips and tricks to succeed in 2017

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - July 25, 2017) - For all the tips and tricks required to succeed, business leaders need look no further than the latest issue of European CEO.

The magazine, which is renowned for its high quality corporate content, delves into numerous areas that improve success in a competitive environment.

In a special feature, Elizabeth Matsangou explores what propelled Donald Trump to the White House, and made Bill Gates and Richard Branson two of the most inspiring individuals in the public sphere: the ability to engage with an audience.

Public speaking is essential for leaders in any field, political or otherwise, who want to motivate others and spread their message. To be an excellent public speaker, it is essential to be passionate, sincere and clear.

For more pointers, check out this special feature online or inside the magazine.

And that's not all. The latest issue of European CEO also unveils the subtle body language that underpins a leader's words. As such, movement is another key tool of communication, giving clues to the motivations and concerns of people in any form of trade. If a leader can master these, they are off and away.

Elsewhere, European CEO explores Denmark's fascinating working culture, which is regarded as one of the most laid back in the world; perhaps wrongly, for the country has produced some outstanding results, in spite of its business day ending at 4pm.

Far from hindering companies' bottom lines, it has been shown that worker productivity actually improves with this trend. With extended sitting found to increase all-cause mortality by 50 percent, could other countries learn from the Danish example?

In addition, the magazine discovers the secrets of some of the most established CEOs across the globe, from Spotify's Daniel Ek to Saint Laurent's Francesca Bellettini, examining how they got to the top of their respective industries.

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