Natural Patches of Vermont Introduces Aromatherapy Wax Crumbles

Unique, Personal Aromatherapy Formulated with Pure Essential Oils; No Artificial Colors or Synthetic Fragrances

Bellows Falls, UNITED STATES

BELLOW FALLS, Vt., July 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Natural Patches of Vermont, a leader in pure essential oil skin patches for on-the-go aromatherapy, introduces a new way to bring soothing comfort into living spaces with its Aromatherapy Crumbles. Answering the call from customers who seek the same in-home essential oil/aromatherapy experience as their body patches, Natural Patches of Vermont has developed the perfect essential oil companion for home use.

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Unlike most fragrance-based tarts (“melts”), Aromatherapy Crumbles use the same carefully crafted pure essential oil blends as the company’s skin patches. Crumbles contain no artificial colors, fragrances, or synthetic waxes to ensure a genuine, safe and natural aromatherapy experience. Unlike Crumbles, tarts are cast as a single block, and the use of an entire tart results in an inevitable loss of the tart’s remaining volatile oils very quickly. With Crumbles, users can personalize the intensity and duration of the natural aromatherapy session through additions of individual spoonfuls of Crumble granules, using only what is needed for their session. Crumbles may be used in either electric or candle-powered potpourri or tart warmers. Crumbles are initially available in soothing lavender, bergamot and lemongrass scents.

“We are very pleased to share our new Aromatherapy Crumbles with our customers,” said Roger Carr, director of marketing. “The remarkable success of our essential oil body patches led us to develop Crumbles for those who want to expand our aromatherapy into their homes, and do so economically. Crumbles are the perfect companion to our on-the-go essential oil body patches, now providing our aromatic blends for increased comfort at home, and away.”

The rising awareness of the health concerns surrounding aerosol sprays, and the growing demand for aromatherapy is driving the wax tarts market. According to Research and Markets, the global wax tarts market will reach approximately $6.41 billion by 2025.

The richly aromatic Aromatherapy Crumbles, and other Natural Patches products, can be ordered through Natural Patches of Vermont website, and from a growing number of retailers. The company also offers a selection of high-quality electric warmers for the Crumbles.

About Natural Patches of Vermont:
Founded in 1999, Natural Patches of Vermont is a pioneer in new ways to deliver the power of aromatherapy through its pure essential oil body patches.  Infused with carefully-crafted blends of pure essential oils, Natural Patches are formulated to offer comfort for a wide range of concerns. Natural Patches of Vermont works with care providers, natural product retailers, health spas and practitioners to help those seeking user-friendly, natural aromatherapy alternatives.

Lavender Aromatherapy Wax Crumbles

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