Technium and Startup Evo Partner on New Startup Model to Commercialize High Value Intellectual Property

Corinth, Texas, UNITED STATES

Dallas, July 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Startup Evo has teamed with Technium, to commercialize a diverse portfolio of intellectual property (IP) through the creation of high growth venture backed startups.  

The initial project includes patents from a large private collection of IP and focuses on a systematic process of selection, validation and launch to ensure the highest probability of success. The first project will focus on vending systems to include smart devices and advertising.

The team is reviewing other projects with solutions that span multiple industries to include 3D printing, medical technologies, consumer electronics, aerospace, and defense.

Technium as the lead, has appointed Robert Brevelle as the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) on these projects. Mr. Brevelle is the Managing Director of Startup Evo, and has over 20 years of experience in building and leading companies that range from successful early-stage tech startups to Fortune 500 firms. 

Robert is a great example of the type of operator entrepreneur we focus on as a customer because it takes a special skill set to launch and grow deep tech companies, ” said Mr. Jonathan Van, COO of Technium. “We believe when you get technologies into the hands of expert entrepreneurs like Robert, and make the process simple and structured, you can yield breakthrough results and highly profitable ventures.”

“We are excited to work with Technium on these projects to launch the next generation of companies utilizing existing high value IP” said Mr. Brevelle. “By leveraging our network of entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, mentors, and corporate partners, we have the expertise to create new companies across multiple industry sectors and accelerate the technology maturation process.”

For the initial project, Startup Evo is working with North Texas Amusements (NTA) to provide business and technical expertise.  

“NTA has extensive experience in providing vending-based solutions in the US and abroad,” said Mr. Mauro Cisneros, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NTA. “We have a proud history of innovation, field service, and taking care of our customers. At our core, my co-founder and I are entrepreneurs, and in recent years, we have become angel investors seeding the next generation. This project aligns with our core competencies and values, and we look forward to working with Technium and Startup Evo. ”

Startup Evo is also staffing the teams for the other projects from its network. These include a diverse mix of engineers, physicists, doctors, developers, materials scientists, marketing and finance professionals, c-level executives, and investors. Corporate partners and sponsors range from small startups to large corporations spanning multiple industries and markets.  

"The other aspect of these projects involves the establishment of companies that will ultimately manage these solutions,” said Mr. Brevelle. “The infrastructure, facilities, processes, tools, people, and culture are an integral part of ensuring long-term success. These companies will employ sound business fundamentals with a focus on innovation and customer service.”

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