NordiaSoft Provides SCA 4.1 Solution to Major US Manufacturer

Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA

GATINEAU, Québec, July 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordiaSoft has licensed its Software Communication Architecture (SCA) solution to a major US manufacturer selling software defined systems worldwide. The US manufacturer has made the decision to use NordiaSoft’s Embedded Components (eCo) Software Suite to migrate from SCA version 2.2.2 to SCA version 4.1.

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The eCo Software Suite provides a complete solution for the development of SCA-based systems. The Suite includes a set of tools to create SCA models and automatically generate all associated source code, to monitor and debug systems, and to create HMI software.  It also contains the eCo Core Framework, a full list of SCA Devices implementing the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) standard APIs, and a library of Digital Signal Processing components to accelerate waveform testing and development.

“NordiaSoft’s team expertise and experience in SCA development and SCA compliance was a major factor leading to this decision,” says Claude Bélisle, NordiaSoft CEO. “The manufacturer signed a long term consulting contract with NordiaSoft to provide training as well as engineering services to advise, perform design reviews, and implement embedded software.”

Earlier this year, NordiaSoft became first to offer a solution for SCA 4.1 that automates migration from SCA 2.2.2. The solution was unveiled in February and demonstrated publicly for the first time in May during the Wireless Innovation Forum European Conference (WInnComm-Europe 2017) held in Oulu, Finland.

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