What companies need to know about tax in 2017: find out in Vertex's mastermind video lessons

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - July 28, 2017) - Tax management has always been one of the trickiest areas for companies to navigate. Particularly so in this decade, as regulatory requirements have changed and evolved as quickly as the technology manning them. As such, it has never been more important for compliance officers and leaders of business – whether they are operating locally online or planning to expand physical offices globally – to ensure they are on track of the latest trends.

One way in which they can do this is through close collaboration with Vertex, a global, leading provider of tax technology solutions that helps automate vital tax processes. The company is renowned for its in-depth, trusted advice, and has recently shared its key insights in a four-part video series for European CEO.

During the course, Rebecca Polley, Vertex's Vice President of Business Development, discusses the major areas that businesses need to watch out for. Perhaps the largest of these is technology, which tax authorities have become much better at using in recent years. Machine learning, as well as other solutions, is increasingly being harnessed to spot discrepancies in tax data.

Far from being intimidated by these latest developments, organisations must mirror them by digitising their tax departments. With technological prowess, businesses can save themselves much hassle – knowing their data will be synchronised with that of their tax authority, and in accordance with the law.

Polley also points out the importance of understanding the regulatory changes spanning the world, which may greatly affect companies' operations. The introduction of the GST system in India, for instance, is just one recent change. The US, too, continues to be a complex place in which to deal with taxation. Organisations simply must grasp the system.

Thankfully, Vertex is on hand to share its wealth of information. Indeed, from the US to Europe, India to Brazil, there is no region that its legion of experts neglects to understand, no matter how complex its tax arrangements.

To discover all of Vertex's key insights and more, tune into European CEO.


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