Conkrite Capital Wins Agricoles' Farm Management Contract

TORONTO, ON and SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC--(Marketwired - July 29, 2017) - Conkrite Capital Corporation announced last Friday that Conkrite has been awarded a 10-year contract by AGRICOLES in a management contract that promises to revitalize and revive the farming industry in the Caribbean; to support, enhance and create a sustainable system of distribution, quality management and staff management.

For the next 10 years Conkrite will provide management services to monitor, maintain and develop a personnel collaboration system that allows the integration of new technologies without affecting farmers' income. Conkrite Capital team has been working hard at putting a work scope that surpasses anything ever seen in the farming industry by using technology, experience and the help of human hands to simplify both food farming and food distribution.

Under this contract Conkrite will implement a just in time transportation system into the farming model to increase efficiency and product quality from Agricoles to consumers. Additionally, our architects have been working with Conkrite's lawyers and the local government in Dominican Republic in doing the due diligence for the opening of Cultura Agropecuaria el Cupey in the spring of 2020 a state of the art research center which will serve a platform to develop the model.

"We are thrilled to work with Agricoles because of the values we both share in our mission of bringing synergy to the world. We have compromised ourselves to develop a unique system, a challenge we are taking wholeheartedly, and we will be successful. To create this model Conkrite will be working in collaboration with local and international partners to put together a system that will streamline processes and resources to make this program possible," said Nicolas Del Valle, Conkrite's Director of Operations "we will be working with participating local and international universities in a shared initiative to revolutionize food farming and distribution," he concluded.

Conkrite Capital has secured land and began the works for the opening of the Cultura Agropecuraria Research Center opening in the spring 2020. The center will allow students from many parts of the world to participate and create farming models that can later be implemented in their own cities and countries. The first stage of the project is completed. Now we are moving on to the second stage which consists of adding all the components and putting in place a progressive marketing plan to promote this initiative to the world.

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