SurePeople’s Prism Completes Third Validity and Reliability Study

Psychometric proprietary assessment exceeds standards, strengthens ability to provide data-based talent management solutions for global organizations

CHICAGO, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SurePeople, a global technology company providing innovative solutions for the next generation of talent management, announced today its Prism® psychometric proprietary assessment completed a third validity and reliability study in partnership with Precision Consulting.

The extensive testing and measurement conducted by third-party research firm Precision Consulting concludes that SurePeople’s Prism exceeds all standards established for psychometric assessments, including internal consistency and reliability, construct validity, and test-retest validity and reliability.

The Prism is the only proprietary psychometric assessment that provides a comprehensive portrait of an individual's emotional, relational and team intelligence (ERT-i®) by analyzing more than 50 traits and attributes across seven integrated modules, including: personality; personality under pressure; processing; motivation; conflict management; fundamental needs; and decision making.

Created in 1987, the proprietary assessment was built on a set of testing standards developed by the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association and National Council on Measurement in Education. Over the years, the Prism has been tested and administered across 47 different nationalities. Through SurePeople’s unique cloud-based technology, organizations and leaders can easily scale the use of psychometric people data to quickly align it with a full-suite of talent management solutions and applications.       

“It is critical for businesses to understand their people in a way that accounts for the complexity of today’s workforce. The Prism accomplishes that at scale, and takes psychometric data further than ever before, shifting the data equation for individuals, teams and organizations,” said Niko Drakoulis, founder and CEO of SurePeople.

“Our continued investments in third-party research for the Prism, which is led by our in-house assessment expert and Chief Innovation Officer James Brooks, Ph.D., not only ensures it is consistently reliable and valid for global clients, but also strengthens our ability to help organizations hire and promote the right people, cultivate and develop their skillsets, and build high-performing teams,” said Drakoulis.

At the Kellogg School of Management, the Prism has been administered to students to guide them in assembling cohesive teams that work with outside corporations. The Prism has also been used by students at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering. According to Adjunct Professor and Lecturer Kevin Murnane, “It has transformed the way my engineering students have come to understand the value that emotional, relational and team intelligence will play in their career success. I witnessed students working through SurePeople’s Prism, as they found it to be deeply instructional and transformational in helping them gain more self-awareness.”

As the Prism provides a starting point for organizations to gather psychometric data across a department or entire workforce, the data can be scaled and integrated into other talent management tools from SurePeople. These include cloud-based solutions that deliver personalized development plans, core competencies, real-time feedback, employee surveys, social collaboration, workforce analytics and more.

Boston Children’s Hospital Sr. Director of Learning and Development, Chris Newell, Psy.D., said, “Our ability to correlate employee engagement, talent calibration, competency and Prism data in one integrated view provided our senior leadership with the insight they needed to further invest in and refine our talent and culture strategy for high-reliability.”

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