Earth Science Tech Inc. Signs Contract with CDBQ to Advance Phase-2 Rollout on it’s CBD Patents

Hollywood, Florida, UNITED STATES

Hollywood, FL, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC PINK: ETST) ("ETST" or "the Company"), an innovative biotechnology company that operates in the fields of hemp cannabinoid, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device research and development, announces that it has signed an agreement with the Centre de Développement Bioalimentaire du Québec (CDBQ), a major force in the agro-food industry in Canada. 

CDBQ to take ETST products from prototype to mass production

Based in La Pocatière, Quebec, CDBQ specializes in helping companies develop the processes needed to take a prototype agro-food or nutraceutical product to industrial-scale production for the marketplace. Partnering with CDBQ gives ETST access to the wide range of services, technologies, and expertise needed to complete the final stage of product development.

ETST is anxious to take advantage of CDBQ’s bio-food incubator, a 30,000 square foot $10 million facility that houses seven separate factories that boast specialized, cutting-edge equipment and technology.

The first project with CDBQ is the development of the manufacturing processes for the three already-prototyped provisional CBD based nutraceutical products that ETST has in the pipeline updated in April

Two of these products will be delivered in capsule form (nutraceutical), while the third is a liquid condiment that is added to day-to-day foods. Once those products have been delivered, ETST will begin working with CDBQ’s renowned R&D group to realize new ideas and products.

Working with CDBQ, ETST will develop manufacturing processes that incorporate Best Practices and meet all norms and regulatory requirements for production; while maintaining high standards of quality, production efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

“We are proceeding with our stated plan to establish our product line and build a steady and sustainable revenue stream with our current CBD product line.” said Dr. Aubé. “Our products will have a proven track record of safety and success even before we can launch them in North America.” The company has several distribution agreements and joint ventures to develop new products and new markets currently in negotiations, which will be announced as they are finalized.

In the continuing work to develop new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical drugs, ETST is in negotiations to sponsor a study of generic CBD-improved pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, ETST is in negotiations with a Canadian university to launch a pre-clinical study with the goal of developing a breast cancer treatment; and a separate partnership with a group of physicians to conduct clinical studies to help individuals with epileptic and non-epileptic seizures. These projects are expected to be active by Q4 2017.

President, Director, & COO, Nickolas S. Tabraue concludes with, “ I’m very proud and pleased with our R&D and company progress. Thanks to Dr. Michel Aube and our amazing advisory board team of scientists and doctors, we are now on the cusp of having our three unique CBD patent pending products launched in the very near future. Most importantly, we are committed to further studies with a new university to continue developing treatments to help people in need. We at Earth Science Tech strive to reach out and help. All the lives we have positively changed motivate us to continue our research and make a difference. More exciting updates to be released very soon as they progress and are finalized.”

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