SoleraONE Mobile App to Support Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program with Digital Make-Up Sessions

Solera Health app supports in-person community-based DPPs with digital capabilities to deliver new Medicare benefit in 2018

PHOENIX, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solera Health, a preventive care benefits manager, today announced the integration of the SoleraONE mobile app into Solera’s technology platform to support community-based Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) providers with digital make-up sessions. This functionality will be critical to successfully deliver DPP to the Medicare population under recently proposed rules from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). DPP seeks to impact the growing incidence of type 2 diabetes with evidence-based, affordable, and high-quality lifestyle change programs. In March 2016, CMS announced that the DPP would be a new preventive benefit to all Medicare beneficiaries based on actuarial analysis that demonstrated a $2,650 return on investment over 14 months.

As a covered preventive benefit, eligible Medicare participants will have no cost access to community-based, in-person DPP to lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. CMS further clarified the new Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) benefit in the 2018 Physician Fee Schedule published on July 14th, 2017.  The Medicare DPP benefit, available to all Medicare members beginning April 1, 2018, is limited to in-person community DPP providers.  Although virtual and digital providers are excluded from providing the program to Medicare members, the Medicare DPP benefit will allow up to four digital DPP make-up sessions to support sustained program engagement for in-person DPPs throughout the 12-month program.

Solera actively manages a national network of community organizations and digital solutions delivering the DPP as a covered medical benefit. The SoleraONE app is designed to strengthen coach and group DPP interactions while simplifying nutrition and physical activity tracking for DPP participants. The SoleraONE app is uniquely positioned to fill the gap for community-based in-person DPP program providers to give participants the opportunity to make-up sessions remotely through engaging video content in English and Spanish. With the SoleraONE app, DPP providers in the Solera network can now offer their participants the benefits of an in-person program coupled with digital capabilities.

The app also includes an integrated lifestyle coach portal that significantly reduces or eliminates the time required by DPP lifestyle coaches to review participant nutrition logs and provide real-time participant feedback. Community in-person DPP providers benefit from streamlined data tracking and provider workflow management to improve efficiency and lower associated program delivery costs.

The SoleraONE app is fully integrated into the Solera Health technology platform, which is used by Solera’s in-network community DPP providers to support Medicare’s administrative and regulatory requirements for compliance, data privacy and security, reporting and program integrity.

“One of the challenges of combined in-person and digital DPP delivery is the ability to seamlessly incorporate all member data into a single patient record for reporting and claims submission,” said Brenda Schmidt, CEO, Solera Health. “We also recognized the importance of supporting our in-person DPP providers and actively worked to meet their need to offer Medicare participants make-up sessions with our mobile app, SoleraONE, for sustained patient engagement to support program outcomes.”

Solera’s technology makes chronic disease prevention programs affordable, accessible and efficient by connecting at-risk individuals with a diverse range of lifestyle modification programs as a covered medical benefit. The company’s national scalable model was designed to consolidate highly fragmented programs and services into one integrated network, allowing health plans and medical providers to increase consumer access and participation while lowering associated costs.

About Solera Health, Inc.

Solera Health provides integrated chronic disease prevention services connecting patients, payers, and physicians with community organizations and digital therapeutics providers, simply and securely. The company helps consolidate highly fragmented programs and services into one integrated network, allowing health plans and medical providers to increase consumer participation while lowering associated costs. Solera proactively identifies the “best fit” program provider based on each individual’s unique needs and preferences, which has proven to have a significant impact on improved patient outcomes at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical care. For more information, visit Solera Health at, call 800-858-1714 or follow us on Twitter @SoleraHealth or LinkedIn.


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