InSync Healthcare Solutions Announces Partnership With Illucient Purchasing Alliance

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InSync Healthcare Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement to make available its medical transcription service solutions to the members of the Illucient Purchasing Alliance, LLC.

The Illucient Purchasing Alliance is a nationally recognized North Carolina and South Carolina-based hospital alliance that represents 23 health systems in two states. Illucient supports its members with a diverse portfolio of cost-saving and innovative opportunities through collaborative efforts and strategic agreements.

With this agreement, InSync Healthcare Solutions becomes a preferred partner for medical transcription services  for the Alliance’s members. InSync’s medical transcription service boasts industry-leading, HIPAA compliant technology that’s proven to reduce cost by up to 40 percent with no impact on the physician’s current workflow. Currently, more than 50 organizations across the United States are utilizing InSync’s medical transcription service solutions.

“Our agreement with Illucient represents a prime opportunity to expand and promote our medical transcription solutions to a network of highly reputable healthcare organizations,” Roland Therriault, President of InSync Healthcare Solutions, said. “This partnership was an easy decision for us, given how the cost-reduction mission of Illucient and the key differentiators in our medical transcription solutions so easily align with one another, as well as the importance of organizations like Illucient in helping healthcare organizations evaluate high-quality vendors and solutions.”

According to Bill Bedsole, CEO of the Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance, “Illucient was created with the goal of offering its members strategic partnerships that would result in improved quality and hard dollar cost savings that could not be achieved on their own in the same timely, cost effective manner. InSync stood out to us as a company that fit the mold of what we are looking to accomplish for our members. We are excited to see how InSync’s medical transcription service solutions will enable our members to reduce their transcription costs without impacting the physicians workflow or sacrificing timeliness and accuracy in their medical documents.” The partnership between InSync and Illucient began on August 1, 2017.

About InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare technology software, revenue cycle management services, and medical transcription service solutions to healthcare professionals throughout the United States. The company has leveraged advanced technology, best-in-class partnerships and proven business processes to provide services and solutions that translate into better efficiency for healthcare organizations.

About Illucient Purchasing Alliance

Illucient Purchasing Alliance’s mission is to provide a diverse portfolio of cost-saving opportunities through collaborative efforts and member engagement. Its vision is to be a dependable resource to its members by generating monetary savings, enhancing operational efficiencies, and facilitating quality improvement. For more information, visit


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