Bravo Multinational Incorporated Reports $1,251,500 in Revenue on Quarterly Report Ended June 30, 2017, OTCQB Application Filed

TORONTO, Aug. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bravo Multinational Incorporated (OTCPINK:BRVO) filed its second quarter ending June 30, 2017, FORM 10-Q with the US SEC.  For the three months ended June 30, 2017, the Company recorded $578,500 in revenue, and for the six months ending June 30, 2017, BRVO recorded $1,251,500 in revenue.  Revenues remain solid over three consistent quarters, as the Company’s management works toward profitable quarters, coupled with increased asset base and reduced liabilities.

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On July 28, 2017,  BRVO filed an up-listing application for the OTC Markets to bring the  Company shares to a QB trading status.  The completed OTCQB process expected within 10-days time.

Management has completed its review of the business opportunity reported in its June 26, 2017, press release.  A prepared contract agreement is expected to be signed sometime during the first full week of August 2017, and closing to occur shortly after that.  Once closed, the acquired 300 gaming machines provide an immediate new revenue stream for Bravo.  Historical “Gross Net Win” revenues from similar equipment are approximate $420 per month per machine (“Gross Net Win” - defined as revenue after prizes have been paid out, and before payment of management fees, licensing fees, and income tax ).  The news will follow at the close of the agreement.

About Bravo Multinational Incorporated:

Bravo Multinational Incorporated (OTCPINK:BRVO) is a diversified company with the main focus being on the growth of our casino gaming equipment holdings. Currently, Bravo’s gaming equipment assets are in Central and South America. Bravo also holds patented mining claims in the gold and silver district on War Eagle Mountain, USA. Bravo’s current and future growth strategy, driven by partnerships, new acquisitions, and ventures should result in financially viable and profitable long- term operations throughout the Americas.

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Bravo Multinational Incorporated cautions that the statements made in this press release and other forward looking statements made on behalf of the Company may be affected by other factors. Such factors, including, but not limited to, vagaries of trade, market competition and other risks detailed herein and from time to time in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings of the Company.

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