Property Managers Saving Up to 28 Hours and $1,200 Per Week With Parcel Lockers

Innovative Package Management Solutions Reduce Multi-Family Community Operations Costs, Improve Service to Residents

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parcel Pending, the nation’s leading provider of innovative package management solutions, today announced that its parcel lockers are saving their property management customers between 14 and 28 hours each week in wasted administrative time. The latest data comes from Parcel Pending’s interactions with its clients and the millions of packages delivered to its lockers each year.

Parcel Pending customers tell the company that receiving, storing and facilitating the delivery of just 15 packages can drain an hour of staff time. By utilizing Parcel Pending’s suite of electronic lockers, multi-family communities are saving on average between two to four hours every day. Considering that, and information from, the savings can be as high as $1,200 per week. Of course, for those multi-family communities that receive a greater number of package deliveries, the savings in time and costs is significantly higher.

“Our parcel lockers have always delivered a compelling return on investment for multi-family community managers,” said Lori Torres, CEO and founder of Parcel Pending. “Property managers recognize the time it takes to accept packages from couriers, store packages within their typically space-limited management offices, and coordinate package deliveries to their residents; not to mention the time drain if there’s a problem such as a lost or misdirected delivery. As such, eliminating this cumbersome process by leveraging parcel lockers enables properties to save time and money, while servicing residents better and reducing operation costs.”

Parcel Pending offers the widest selection of electronic package locker configurations on the market, including indoor, outdoor and newly released refrigerated lockers for delivering food, beverages, medicine, flowers or any other items that require some degree of refrigeration.

About Parcel Pending
Parcel Pending is a leading provider of package management solutions to simplify and secure parcel deliveries. Parcel Pending combines 100% Always-On Customer Service®, electronic lockers and mobile applications to improve the customer experience, while reducing operating costs. Parcel Pending markets to multifamily communities, retailers and universities throughout North America. More information is available by calling 855-316-4756 or at



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