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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 3, 2017) - The heat waves of summer are no contest for some women who are also unpredictably hit with hot flashes, a misfortunate and frequently unbearable symptom of perimenopause and menopause. Finding relief without dangerous side effects can be perplexing. However certain herbs and botanicals, such as the clinically studied, purified flower pollen extracted from Swedish flowers called Relizen has quickly become one of the most popular gynecologist endorsed non-soy based, non-hormonal supplement to help reduce hot flash frequency and intensity, especially in the summer.

Hot flashes are brought on by hormonal changes in the body and are often more severe in the summer months. In addition to being uncomfortable, hot flashes can affect sleep patterns and cause moodiness. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, hot flashes are, by far, the most common symptom of menopause, with about 75 percent of all women experiencing them.

"Having a hot flash flare up in the middle of summer can not only be embarrassing, but extremely debilitating," said Dr. Christine Horner, author and nationally known natural health expert. "If you've never had a hot flash, it's really hard to sympathize with women who experience them on a regular basis, and often women don't seek help from their doctor if they are avoiding hormone replacement therapy. But there are ways to minimize hot flash intensity through botanicals and herbs that will not compromise overall health."

A non-hormonal product that is growing in popularity and has shown to reduce hot flash intensity is Relizen, a patented nutritional supplement made from pesticide-free, purified Swedish flower pollen, contains more than 180 nutrients. A scientific abstract presented at the 2015 North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting concluded that Relizen provides effective relief from hot flashes and other symptoms associated with menopause without a hormonal or estrogenic effect. Multiple clinical studies of merit have confirmed a reduction in menopause symptoms, and showed no adverse side effects or reactions compared to placebo.

Relatively new in the United States, Relizen is currently recommended by more than 2,600 American OB-GYNs. Horner, who writes about the benefits of Relizen in her award-winning book, "Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty," says the easy accessibility of the product to women is a huge benefit.

"When it comes to managing hot flashes, this is an area where you can really take control of your own health and not rely solely on your doctor for the solution. I like that women can simply purchase Relizen online," said Horner who recommends women order a 2-3 month supply for best results. "The science behind Relizen is solid and it's a safer approach for women struggling to get hot flashes under control."

In an open label clinical study of 300 women or more, Relizen has been shown to significantly improve quality of sleep, diminish fatigue and irritability, reduce night sweats, as well as hot flash frequency and intensity when compared to baseline. In these studies, Relizen has not been linked to any adverse reactions or side effects different than those associated with a sugar pill. Learn more and purchase at

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