App Gives Away Condoms, Uses Sex-Themed Video Game to Teach Teens About Safe Sex

After School's Hit In-App Video Game and Campaign Promote Safe Sex and Reproductive Health

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, California, Aug. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Social network After School delivered over one million condom tips and thousands of condoms to teens during its campaign to raise awareness around safe sex and proper condom use.

After School, the largest teen-focused social network, gives teens an open place to share and connect with their high school classmates. The company has millions of users in over 85% of U.S. high schools, and uses this reach to make a positive impact on teens’ lives. “We feel that improving the lives of our users, both inside and outside of the app, is our responsibility, not only as a company but as a team of people who value improving the world over simply making money,” says After School Vice President Jeff Collins.

With more than 70% of teens in America having sex by the time they turn 19, and only 22 states and the District of Columbia requiring public schools to teach sex education, After School saw an opportunity to give teens important information and access to condoms that they might not be getting elsewhere.

After School’s campaign to encourage and educate teens on safe sex and proper condom use included:

  • Eggplant Invaders 2 Video Game

With over 1 million plays, After School’s Eggplant Invaders 2 video game was a hit with users. The game featured invading eggplants shooting sperm toward the user’s peach. To defend itself, the user’s peach shoots condoms to cover the eggplants. The fun and edgy style of the game resonated with teens, and helped them think proactively about their sexual health.

  • Free Condoms Through Request Form

Through a form on After School’s website, the company offered to mail teens condoms for free. In several days, After School received requests for thousands of condoms.

  • Interviews

As a part of the campaign, After School interviewed Mia Davis, the founder of the Tabu app. Mia and After School Communications Manager Michael Luchies discussed how today’s teens are learning about sex, which often involves pornography instead of learning from their parents and educators.

  • Grand Prize Condom Drop

Students at Spanish Springs High School in Sparks, Nevada managed to score more points in Eggplant Invaders 2 than the other 14,684 schools that played the game. In late May, After School dropped thousands of condoms off at the school in a kiddie pool, which was promptly carried into the school by teen classmates, where students then snatched up the available condoms.

  • Condom and Safe Sex Tips

Inside the After School App, over 1.5 million tips were shared with students. Tips included facts about condoms and proper use.


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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Thousands of condoms were given to teens, both through online requests and the grand prize given to the high school with the highest score out of over 14,000 schools that played Eggplant Invaders. Eggplant Invaders 2 was played over a million times by American teens. The game featured tips on proper condom use in-between levels of the game.

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