Thasos Group Launches Streams, a Real-Time Location Information Feed, Providing Unprecedented Ability to Forecast Company Fundamentals

NEW YORK, Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thasos Group, an alternative data intelligence firm that transforms location information from mobile phones worldwide into real-time, objective and actionable insights, today announced the launch of its real-time data series product, Streams.

With over five billion mobile phones broadcasting their locations throughout the world, Thasos taps the most powerful source of real-time data available today for measuring and forecasting economic activity across business sectors. Thasos uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence, distributed computing and privacy technology to turn billions of daily location events into highly accessible information that can be easily consumed, understood and acted upon by investors and business managers.

Subscribers to Streams receive daily time series information, organized by industry and ticker symbol, on a wide variety of performance metrics such as: 

• foot traffic to stores, restaurants, malls and airports; 
• deliveries to loading docks; 
• employee hours worked on assembly lines; 
• patient counts in hospitals, and 
• many other relevant measurements for thousands of public and private companies across North America and Europe. 

This intelligence is highly valuable to investors who dig deep into company fundamentals of a single business or quants who compare thousands of businesses with standard metrics. Business owners and operators who are looking to optimize businesses processes, understand their customers and competitors and make better, data-driven decisions also benefit from the Streams product. 

The Streams product was used by Thasos to derive last month’s publicly released and widely-read Q2 Mall REIT Foot Traffic Report that used real-time foot traffic figures to foreshadow the recent selloff in some top REITs during Q2 mall REIT earnings announcements.

“The launch of Streams is another step in our mission to make alternative data accessible, including to those that lack large teams of data scientists,” said Greg Skibiski, Thasos Group Founder and CEO. “With location information from hundreds of millions of phones, mapped to every venue owned by more than 400 public companies, this highly predictive information covers sectors including retail, industrials, manufacturing, airlines and REITs, and provides the most complete picture available on how a company is performing.”

“By combining state-of-the-art geolocation technology and advanced AI techniques, Thasos provides investment managers, corporations and eventually policy makers with more timely, precise and predictive forecasts of economic performance than anything we’ve seen before,” said Gary L. Bergstrom, Founder of Acadian Asset Management and an investor in Thasos. “Thasos’ global analytics and intelligence platform gives investors and other decision makers a powerful new toolkit that can create a significant competitive edge, whether in generating alpha or making better business decisions.”

The launch of Streams complements Thasos’ successful Forecasts product that provides weekly and quarterly estimates of company fundamentals, including same-store sales, same-store transactions, revenue, attendance and more. These products allow Thasos to provide intelligence with the frequency and format that works best for a client’s existing workflows, with delivery ranging from traditional PDF-based research reports to Excel/Tableau downloads to real-time API feeds.

Thasos’ intelligence is derived from volunteered mobile phone location data that has been anonymized, aggregated and thoroughly vetted to ensure compliance with the highest legal, quality and ethical standards. The company’s products have been used for the past three years by many of the industry’s leading hedge funds whose data scientists and legal and compliance teams operate in an extremely demanding and highly regulated environment for information.

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About Thasos Group

Thasos is an alternative data intelligence platform that transforms real-time locations from mobile phones into objective and actionable insights on the performance of businesses, markets, and economies globally. Founded in 2011 out of MIT Media Lab, the firm is commercially successful with close to 25 hedge fund clients having used its intelligence for the last three years. Thasos’ management, investors and advisors are a who’s who of data scientists, hedge fund executives and academics, including PDT Co-Founder Ken Nickerson, former D.E. Shaw Chief Risk Officer Peter Bernard, MIT Media Lab Co-Creator Sandy Pentland and Andrew Lo, Director of the Laboratory for Financial Engineering at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Thasos occupies a unique position in the alternative data space by aggregating, validating, normalizing and analyzing the largest pool of high-quality mobile phone location data outside of Google and Apple.


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