Conkrite Capital to put Toronto Condominiums to Dance to the Right Beat

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - August 11, 2017) - Conkrite Capital Corporation a leading provider of innovation, farm, property and Physical Asset Management services Headquartered in Toronto announced a strategic partnership with Green Protocol Inc. an IoT, (Internet of Things) company also Headquartered in Toronto.

The strategic partnership between Conkrite Capital and Green Protocol aims to start a Smart Community Project - Internet of Things system for Conkrite Capital's Residential Property Management portfolio. As a joint effort in response to the Federal Government's "Smart City Challenge" ( CC and GP plan to deploy Open source IoT and LoRawan technologies, at one of Conkrite's sites in Toronto. The goal of the project is to fosters a Smart City community within the Condominium Community. Collaboration between residents, CC and GP will create public and private partnerships between Residents, Technology Partners and Property Management. "As a Condo dweller myself, I believe that for the first time the residents of Condominiums in the city of Toronto can be actively involved in reducing the city's Carbon footprint. Everyone can benefit from a Community based - IoT project that benefits all involved and where we can share our experience with others." said Darren Olson, President of Green Protocol Inc. during an interview last Wednesday. "We could not be happier to partner with an integral and forward-thinking company such as Conkrite Capital to take on this challenge" he concluded.

Green Protocol will be implementing IoT and LoRawan technologies that will allow community members to integrate themselves and be active members of Smart City Initiative. Conkrite Capital wants to initiate a Smart City community in the Condominium industry by implementing Open source technologies that belong to the people without the cost of expensive platforms. "We could not be any happier to partake with Green Protocol in this initiative of developing Smart Buildings in Toronto Condominiums -- we are very pleased to be a strategic technological partner with GP and look forward to showcasing a demo of our integration in the near future". said Nicolas Del Valle, Director of Operation and CEO elect for Conkrite Capital Corporation. "this community collaboration technology will allow residents and management to cooperate, to monitor and streamline costs while reducing carbon footprint and forming a better sense of community" Nicolas concluded.

The project is a very ambitious initiative that includes several large players such as Ellisdon, Linday Broadband among others led by Conkrite Capital and Green Protocol as a technology manager. Conkrite Capital's innovative solutions and initiatives are very well known in North America and the Caribbean, especially, in the property and farming industry. Conkrite farms are amongst the most technologically advanced farms in North America and the same is true of their property portfolio.

About Conkrite Capital

Conkrite Capital assists companies and facilities achieve greater efficiency in their core business by providing essential services: Management, Building Operations, Renovations, Janitorial, Grounds and Turf. We establish long-term relationships with our clients by adding value to their businesses and properties.

About Green Protocol

Community - Smart City - Smart Buildings - Open Source and the Internet of Things are words often used by the founder, Darren Olson. As a former Military Electronic Technologist Darren was employed as a Property Manager for Toronto Condominiums. It was during his time as a Property Manager that he learned of high utility and common element costs from residents, and the Board of Directors. Property Managers count on the contractors hired to maintain HVAC, electrical, pool heating and lighting systems. Green Protocol was formed to provide Residential Property Management companies with the technologies and knowledge to monitor and manage these systems.

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