Teradici Launches New "All Access" Plans to Prepare Organizations for the Next Wave of Cloud Computing

Four end-to-end cloud-ready solutions for all PCoIP(R) customers, existing and new

Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA

BURNABY, BC--(Marketwired - August 15, 2017) - Teradici, the creator of PCoIP® technology and Cloud Access Software, today announced its new All Access subscription plans, providing comprehensive PCoIP solutions, which include software, support, resources, and cloud-ready options to help customers manage, optimize and future-proof their deployments.

According to an IDG survey, more than 70 percent of organizations host at least one application in the cloud. With more businesses integrating cloud into their future IT adoption, Teradici set out to extend the value of digital workspaces by creating complete bundled solutions that would enable organizations and their users -- which includes a large number of industries and Fortune 500 companies -- to be cloud-ready. All Access allows subscribers to choose major public cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, or Google or an on-premises data center environment from providers such as VMware to host their applications and workloads, and access them from any endpoint via the PCoIP protocol. Teradici All Access can be used to securely deliver VFX workflows, virtual CAD workstations, healthcare VDI, centralized training centers, Linux development environments and other demanding rich client applications from the cloud with a great remote user experience. Each cloud-ready solution brings business-critical 24x7 support and updates that cover security and continuous feature enhancements.

"We are proud to bring these exciting new solutions to our 10 million plus PCoIP technology customers that are eager to optimize their existing environment and be cloud-ready," said Dan Cordingley, founder and CEO of Teradici. "Our technology has the unique ability to help businesses operate more efficiently and securely, by providing a secure way to move rich client workloads to the public cloud -- preserving investment in applications while accelerating migration to the cloud. We have listened to our enterprise customers and they want the convenience of a complete offering, that not only delivers the security, technology and support they need today, but also prepares them for what they will need in the future."

"With our VFX cloud and Teradici Cloud Access Software, we're no longer limited by creative resources and hardware when we pitch for work. We can grow or shrink our workforce as needed by spinning virtual machines up or down," said Jeremy Smith, CTO of Jellyfish Pictures. "The experience is the same as it would be on a physical workstation, and sometimes better."

Teradici PCoIP technology allows for freedom to choose from the leading cloud providers, or use a hybrid or on-premises setup so there is no vendor lock-in. These new plans enable support for businesses that want to move their applications and workloads to the cloud whenever they are ready.

Details on the four All Access subscription plans are as follows:

Desktop Access is designed for VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpaces environments and includes software, resources and support from the Teradici team to manage and optimize and future-proof your zero client deployment. Desktop Access features include 24 x 7 support, PCoIP Management Console Enterprise, zero client firmware and security updates, as well as three Cloud Access Software licenses to use for exploring your cloud migration options.

Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus includes Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses with the latest PCoIP protocol optimizations for Windows or Linux with options to support standard or graphics-intensive workloads. This bundle also includes the benefits of Desktop Access, including Management Console Enterprise and zero client firmware updates. Cloud Access Plus is specifically designed for high-performance workloads that require a GPU or other advanced capabilities.

Workstation Access is designed for Remote Workstation Card users. This plan is similar to Desktop Access, with the addition of firmware, support and security updates for the Remote Workstation Card. Workstation Access also includes three Cloud Access Software Graphics licenses to use for exploring your cloud migration options.

Introducing Teradici Professional Services

In addition, Teradici announced its portfolio of à la carte Professional Services to assist Enterprises in optimizing their environments and developing proof of concepts for public cloud or on-premises deployments. As part of these offerings, Enterprises will now be able to take advantage of the Teradici expert team to assist with custom integration services. The following Professional Services packages are available in addition to Teradici All Access:

● Cloud Access Proof of Concept

● All Access Health Check

● All Access Integration Services

For more information about Teradici All Access subscription plans and Professional Services, including introductory discounts, please visit www.teradici.com.

About Teradici

Teradici is the creator of the PCoIP remoting protocol technology and Cloud Access Software, the cutting edge solution for a cloud-ready future. The Company, founded in 2004 and based in Vancouver, Canada is focused on its core mission of seamless delivery of workstations and applications for end-users.

Teradici PCoIP® technology brings the next generation of secure remoting technology to the marketplace, enabling visualization of even the most graphics-intensive applications. Teradici Cloud Access Software, built on PCoIP technology, enables enterprises to securely leverage public cloud GPU instances to confidently lift and shift the most graphics-intensive Windows or Linux applications to the public cloud, avoiding costly rewrites.

The company's technology is deployed by Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers from around the world. Teradici also works closely with leading cloud providers to continue delivering the best user experience and enabling our customers the ability to scale to millions of users.

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