Survey Says Over 90 Percent of Nurses Prefer Thermometers Connected to Vital Signs Monitors for Convenience and Accuracy

Watertown, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

WATERTOWN, Mass., Aug. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A recent survey of registered nurses reveals that the vast majority (92 percent) of nurses prefer to use a thermometer in their professional setting in which temperatures automatically input into the vital signs monitor, versus manually typing patient temperatures. Furthermore, almost all (96 percent) surveyed nurses prefer to use a thermometer that automatically posts data into Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

The survey also revealed that 70 percent of nurses utilize a vital signs monitor when taking patient vital signs, yet the majority (65 percent) of those nurses do not use a thermometer that is integrated into the vital signs monitor. The survey also revealed that 65 percent of nurses currently using an integrated vital signs monitor use oral and rectal, as this was previously the only type of integrated thermometer available. Working with an integrated vital signs monitor allows nurses to maximize time and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Exergen Corporation recently announced the availability of new professional Temporal Artery Thermometer TAT-5000S models connected to leading vital signs monitors. The new TemporalScanner models are available in six different variations to meet a variety of major vital signs monitor requirements, all supporting the use and advancement of Electronic Medical Records.

“The connection of the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer to vital signs monitors, which all automatically record patient data, allows nurses to maximize valuable time and prioritize patient comfort in the most convenient and non-invasive way,” said Francesco Pompei, Ph.D., CEO of Exergen Corporation.

Exergen Corporation is dedicated to improving and increasing quality, efficiency and accuracy of temperature taking in patient records. With more than 70 published studies supporting its accuracy, the TemporalScanner helps improve patient outcomes while improving patient and clinician experience.

The survey was conducted through, an online nursing community with more than one million members. The website supports and elevates the nursing profession by providing a place where nurses and nursing students can network, learn and support one another.

Exergen manufactures and markets two series of the TemporalScanner thermometer: a professional version for hospitals and clinics, and a consumer version sold in major retailers nationwide. More than two billion temperatures are taken each year with TemporalScanners.  Used in thousands of hospitals and clinics across the country as well as in millions of homes, TemporalScanners are the #1 preference of pediatricians, #1 preference of nurses, and #1 selling retail thermometer. The Exergen TemporalScanner's accuracy is supported by more than 70 peer-reviewed published studies covering all ages from preterm infants to geriatrics and all care areas from hospitals to homes. For additional information, visit


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