Cloud Elements 2.0 Advances API Integration Platform for Developers and Product Teams

Next generation of platform puts data at the center of integration strategy

DENVER, Colo., Aug. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Elements, a leading API integration provider, today announced the next generation of its platform, allowing organizations to put data governance and security at the center of their integration strategy. Further strengthening the company’s vision to unify the world of APIs, today’s product updates include new features, platform improvements and developer documentation, all designed to help customers focus on the data they care about, build integrations faster and enable business users.

Launching in this release is an all-new UI for the Cloud Elements platform, turning the focus of application integration towards the data upon which organizations rely, rather than “point-to-point” integration patterns that dominate the integration landscape today. With enterprises having on average 1,071 cloud services in use today, legacy integration patterns simply can’t scale. Cloud Elements is turning the integration hairball into a scalable model for digital business and providing the governance needed to protect enterprise data.

This data-centric model also enables organizations to better tackle the growing data security problem. By thinking differently about how application integration is managed, it’s possible to ensure data can be more securely shared or synchronized between applications.

“Version two of the Cloud Elements platform lets developers focus on the data they care about, rather than the endpoints and interfaces they need to integrate with. Simply put, our common resource model and our unified APIs are a totally unique approach to integration, and it’s easier for developers to use, and provides better protection and governance for your data,” said Mark Geene, CEO and co-founder, Cloud Elements. “Customer expectations have evolved over the past five years, so it was time to enhance the overall developer journey as well as focusing on our Elements Connect product to deliver powerful integration tools into the hands of non-technical business users.”

PactSafe, a highly data-driven contract execution platform, whose Salesforce integration connects data from Salesforce with contracts and order forms, partnered with Cloud Elements to power its CRM integrations and overall integration strategy. Co-founder and COO at PactSafe Eric Prugh shared: “PactSafe is using Cloud Elements 2.0 to manage the complex data sets that come from our customers' instances of Salesforce. By first starting with creating common resources, we were able to minimize the heartburn of managing individual APIs, and eliminate tens of thousands of polling requests that had previously been set to go every 10 minutes for each customer. Cloud Elements got us to a real-time integration. We went from proof of concept to production in three weeks, dramatically faster than building the integration on our own, which took us roughly five months.”

The new UI also focuses on usability enhancements that provide developers and enterprise architects the tools to build re-usable integrations up to six times faster than before. Also in this release are new product capabilities unique in the iPaaS market - enabling the creation of serverless integrations, in a feature known as ‘Formula-as-a-Resource,’ and ‘Extending an Element,’ which allows developers to add resources to any existing Element by simply editing the API documentation, rather than writing any code.

As described by Gartner, “We live in an API economy, a set of business models and channels based on secure access of functionality and exchange of data.” Cloud Elements’ new platform enables businesses to achieve the digital agility & security essential in today’s competitive landscape thanks to its unique data-centric approach to API integration.

Cloud Elements has also put focus behind a better onboarding and support experience with live chat available when you create a trial account and online learning system called Cloud Elements University.

Sign up for a free Cloud Elements account here: and if you would like more information on how to get started join the Cloud Elements 2.0 webinar on Tuesday, August 29th 11 AM MDT:  

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Cloud Elements is a leading API integration platform, serving nearly 200 of the world’s largest ISVs. Its Elements, feature rich app connectors, connect products to the ecosystem of applications that customers and partners rely on everyday. Underneath its catalog of more than 130 Elements, developers will find an entire platform that can be embedded into any product to go beyond just connecting, and instead truly integrate and synchronize data between applications. Founded in 2012, Cloud Elements is the fastest growing integration vendor of all time. Cloud Elements is headquartered in Denver, CO, and serves customers worldwide. More information can be found at


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