New WinZip Courier 8 Offers Enterprises Easy and Secure Email File Sharing

WinZip releases the latest version of its FIPS 140-2-compliant email plugin

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Introducing WinZip® Courier™ 8, the latest version of WinZip's email plugin that makes it effortless to secure and send large files by email. WinZip Courier 8 works with corporate email to break through attachment size limits and easily zip and encrypt files for safe delivery. WinZip Courier 8 is available now as a free upgrade to WinZip® 21.5 Enterprise customers with active maintenance. It can also be purchased as a standalone product directly from

WinZip Courier 8 plugs into corporate email to seamlessly convert large email attachments to zip files, saving storage space and making them easier to send via email. Organizations can protect confidential data by password-protecting outgoing files with FIPS 140-2 encryption protocols, ensuring compliance with Federal information security regulations (Enterprise version only). With support for Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology, WinZip Courier 8 can be quickly deployed over corporate networks.

The latest version of WinZip Courier offers a variety of new features including prompted zipping, optional date appending, new MP3 compression, extended support for Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365, and more. For enhanced security, WinZip Courier 8 can now also deliver FIPS 140-2 compliance even if the user's version of Windows is not operating in FIPS 140-2 mode (Enterprise version only).

Enterprise accounts that wish to leverage the cloud for file storage can configure WinZip Courier 8 to integrate directly with Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, CloudMe, MediaFire, and WinZip's ZipShare® file sharing service. Powerful IT controls enable organizations to choose which services can be accessed by employees while also ensuring files are safely encrypted before they are uploaded to the cloud. Plus WinZip Courier continues to make it simple to convert documents to PDF, add watermarks, and resize images during the compression process.

"Email remains the most essential and easiest way to share files. Corporations rely on email for its simplicity, but also need to be confident that the files their employees share are secure. With the new WinZip Courier 8, we're making it seamless for organizations to control how confidential information is shared and comply with government regulations, with no impact on their employees' productivity," said Bill Richard, Vice President of Product Development at WinZip.


Ideal for organizations of any size, from small businesses to large global companies, WinZip Courier 8 is now available in 17 languages worldwide including English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

A free upgrade to WinZip 21.5 Enterprise customers with active maintenance, WinZip Courier 8 can also be purchased as a standalone product for the suggested retail price of $24.95 (USD) / $32.95 (CAD) / $32.95 (AUD). WinZip offers affordable and flexible volume licensing discounts and maintenance options.

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WinZip Courier 8 works with corporate email to break through attachment size limits and easily zip and encrypt files.