Global and Regional Level Pharmaceutical Market Access Teams Plan Early to Develop Customized Launch Sequences

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - August 31, 2017) - Surveyed teams at Top 10, Top 50 and small pharmaceutical companies each start their launch sequencing activities an average of at least a year before products are scheduled to launch, according to business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information.

The study, Global Market Access Strategies: Building Payer Relationships Through Comprehensive Value Stories, found that among each surveyed team type, both current and ideal start times are fairly separated.

Data collected and analyzed by Cutting Edge Information show that Top 10 and Top 50 company teams would like to initiate launch sequencing activities closer to a year and a half before their products reach the market. Teams at surveyed small pharma report an average ideal start time closer to 16 months prior to launch.

"Part of the need for early planning is due to the complexity of launch sequencing activities," said Eric Bolesh, senior director of product development at Cutting Edge Information. "Life science teams must carefully consider the price referencing schemes of each country they are considering to launch their product."

Launch decisions in a single market can affect pricing and access in other countries worldwide, the study found. Launching products in less competitive markets first, for example, may lend to lower prices in other markets or regions.

Global Market Access Strategies: Building Payer Relationships Through Comprehensive Value Stories, available at, explores emerging trends impacting market access teams and the best practices they implement to obtain better pricing and reimbursement around the world. The study contains detailed market access performance metrics, including ideal time frames for involving market access teams in supporting new product launches. Use the report's benchmarks and market access team priorities to:

  • Set market access budgets
  • Analyze market access sub-functions -- such as HEOR -- activities that receive higher priority and resource allocations
  • Develop stronger payer relationships by deploying account managers and incorporating third-party perspectives
  • Develop unique launch sequence strategies to capitalize on product value
  • Learn how market shifts and uncertainty will have a greater impact on pharmaceutical pricing activities

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