Crila Emerging as King's Herb for Prostate Health

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2017) - Men age 40 and older rarely talk about some of the embarrassing symptoms of the aging prostate -- interrupted sleep and urgency of urination, but are often quietly seeking out ways to address these issues. According to Harvard Health, an estimated one-third of American men with prostate concerns use at least one form of complementary therapeutics, herbs or supplements. Traditional herbal remedies, such as saw palmetto, have typically been in demand when it comes to the prostate, but an ancient herb known as "the king's herb" or Crila is emerging as a go-to for many American men.

"Crila, derived from the patented Crinum latifolium L. var. crilae Tram and Khanh, was often referred to as the king's herb because it was secret, rare and historically reserved for the Vietnamese royal family," said Sue McKinney, an entrepreneur and lawyer who served as California's Chief Assistant Secretary of State engaged with Asian trade delegations, and has spent the last 10 years researching the Crila herb to bring to the U.S. market after its rediscovery nearly 30 years ago. "Vietnam especially has become a bio hot spot for medicinal herbs. The plants here are organically grown and hand-harvested."

Clinical trials on Crila are promising. This estrogen-free herbal supplement has been shown to help support and maintain healthy prostate function, to promote healthy urinary function and to support immune system health. In one uncontrolled study of 157 men, 89 percent saw improvement in prostate function within 60 days. Clinical research is ongoing. Scientists have identified key alkaloids and flavonoids in Crila that make it unique. McKinney says, since bringing Crila to market in the U.S., testimonials have been persuasive about its benefits for prostate health.

"And we know it's beneficial for women too," says McKinney, who divides her time between the U.S. and Vietnam, meeting and documenting Crila success stories all over the world. "This herb is not only useful for prostate but it also has positive results in alleviating menopause symptoms and supporting healthy uterine structure and function. It's intriguing that Crila is beneficial for both men and women."

While women often report hot flash relief after 2 to 14 days, most men report improvement in prostate related symptoms after 1 to 2 months of taking Crila. Ralph Neate of Reno, Nevada was so impressed with his Crila results, he invested in bringing Crila to market with McKinney. 

"Within a month I noticed improvement that I never got from saw palmetto," said Neate. "I've experienced no negative side effects and have recommended Crila to several friends who are also highly satisfied with their results."

Crila Health offers a 30-day supply with a 100-day money back customer satisfaction guarantee for $129.99 at:

"We are finding that Crila is truly 'the king's herb' when it comes to supporting and maintaining healthy prostate function," said McKinney. "Our message to men is don't give up when it comes to improving your quality of life."

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