CURE Pharmaceutical Launches New Academic Partnership Program Providing the Company’s Proprietary CureFilm™ for More Humane and Effective Animal Research

Oxnard, California, UNITED STATES

OXNARD, Calif., Sept. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CURE Pharmaceutical (OTCQB:CURR), (“CURE”), a leading disruptive drug delivery technology company, today announced the launch of a new academic partnership program, CureDotsTM. Under the CureDotsTM program, academic institutions may access the Company’s patented, multilayer oral thin film (OTF), CureFilm Oral™, for more humane and effective animal research and testing. CureDotsTM are punch-hole dot size versions of CureFilm Oral™ appropriate for pre-clinical testing with smaller animals such as mice.

Translation of a drug to human clinical trials requires that safety and efficacy studies be performed in animal models using the intended clinical route of administration, which is the oral route for many drugs. Oral gavage is the standard method for consistent and precise delivery of an investigational agent to an animal. However, oral gavage is often not well tolerated by the animal causing stress, which can jeopardize the integrity of the experiment.

According to published research by the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, “Utilizing an Orally Dissolving Strip for Pharmacological and Toxicological Studies: A Simple and Humane Alternative to Oral Gavage for Animals,” preclinical, oral drug delivery using the CureDotsTM represents a safe, convenient, and humane alternative to oral gavage for repetitive pharmacological and toxicological testing performed on animals.

“Our goal is to support and accelerate promising translational academic research by making available precise dosage forms using our proprietary drug delivery technology,” said Jessica Rousset, Chief Business Officer of CURE. “We believe that using CureDotsTM can become the new standard for humane preclinical research. We are looking forward to developing collaborative relationships with universities and research institutions around the world.”

CURE Pharmaceutical’s patented, multilayer oral thin film, CureFilm Oral™, can deliver medications to the tongue, cheek or sublingual regions of the mouth, allowing the medication to enter the blood stream through the gastro intestinal tract, or through the buccal or sublingual mucosa. CureFilm™ formulations can match or improve the pharmacokinetic profile and the overall therapeutic index of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).

About CURE Pharmaceutical
Cure Pharmaceutical is a fully integrated specialty bioscience company improving drug efficacy, safety and the patient experience with proprietary drug dosage forms and delivery systems for a broad range of molecules, including cannabinoid molecules. Cure’s mission is to improve people’s lives by redefining how medicines are delivered and experienced. With an industry leading full service cGMP manufacturing facility, Cure is a preeminent developer and manufacturer of a proprietary delivery system, CureFilm™, which includes the most advanced oral thin film on the market today. Cure has developed an array of products in cutting-edge delivery platforms and partners with leading pharmaceutical companies. 

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