NovuHealth Unveils Solution to Boost Health Plans' Performance Through Increased Member Satisfaction

NovuHealth Satisfaction Combines Propensity Modeling, Targeted Communications, and Intelligent Rewards to Engage Members

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Sep 6, 2017) - NovuHealth, the health care industry's leading consumer engagement company, today unveiled NovuHealth Satisfaction, the latest addition to its solution suite to help plans improve member satisfaction and overall performance. NovuHealth Satisfaction offers a unique combination of propensity modeling, personalized communications, omni-channel engagement, and intelligent rewards and incentives to help health plans proactively improve health and build positive, valuable relationships with members. With improved member satisfaction, plans can benefit from higher ratings, better retention, and, ultimately, financial success.

Consumer satisfaction plays a critical role in the success of health plans, directly impacting CAHPS and HOS scores, which account for as much as 26 percent of a plan's Star quality rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Yet, influencing these scores -- and consumer satisfaction in general -- has historically been challenging for plans because organizational siloes make it difficult to deliver a personalized, consumer-centric member experience.

"The age of the empowered consumer has come to health care. As a result, people expect and demand more from their health plans. To survive and thrive in this environment, plans must deliver a better experience to meet and exceed consumer expectations," said Tom Wicka, CEO, NovuHealth. "With NovuHealth Satisfaction, we help plans jumpstart the relationship with members using incentives and intelligent engagement strategies. Engaged and satisfied consumers lead to better performing health plans -- delivering both financial success and healthier patient populations."

With NovuHealth Satisfaction, plans benefit from the following:

  • An enhanced member experience for higher retention and satisfaction: NovuHealth's solution delivers personalized, omni-channel communications to enable frequent and positive interactions between plans and members, including connecting members to their benefits and helpful resources and gathering member feedback via surveys. A more holistic approach to member communications results in higher retention rates and consumer satisfaction, both of which are central to successful care management because a plan cannot influence members to better manage their health if they continually switch plans.
  • A targeted, data-backed approach to maintaining member relationships: While low consumer trust has historically been a challenge for the health care industry, NovuHealth has proven that rewards and incentives tied to health activities are an effective tool to improve health and build positive relationships between members and plans. With NovuHealth, plans can deliver targeted rewards and incentives to build both good health and goodwill with members. For example, plans can share a gift card on a member's birthday or offer an incentive to try out a new service such as a virtual health consultation. Extrinsic rewards help plans show appreciation to members, while simultaneously improving brand affinity.
  • The ability to identify and engage high-value members to impact bottom lines: Using analytics, NovuHealth identifies which members will have the biggest impact on health plan performance, such as those who are at risk for switching to a new plan. With these insights, plans can focus marketing efforts on delivering personalized experiences to high-value members.

"Members increasingly demand a simple, empowering experience that provides value -- and also makes them feel valued. In today's world of value-based performance, consumer satisfaction is increasingly important for plans to better manage revenue and costs," said Jordan Mauer, EVP of marketing and engagement, NovuHealth. "With NovuHealth, plans can shift the focus onto our members so they are satisfied and engaged. In turn, that ensures they meet performance goals."

In addition to NovuHealth Satisfaction, the company's solution suite features a quality improvement-based product, focused on HEDIS measures, Star ratings, and risk adjustment. By expanding its product offerings to include satisfaction, NovuHealth enables health plan customers to address another essential component of improving plan performance, boosting CAHPS, HOS, and NPS scores, as well as retention rates.

NovuHealth Satisfaction will be available to customers in September 2017. To learn more, visit

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