IC Group Introduces Evolutionary Loyalty Program

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Sept. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IC Group is delighted to announce their role in the delivery of a true first in the vision care industry for an established brand: an evolutionary, multi-layered loyalty program that drives long-term loyalty through communications with patients.

After a comprehensive exploratory process, IC Group helped to shape the strategy for this diverse program and were then central in its execution.

In vision care, the highest-performing companies have traditionally based their customer incentive strategy on a rebate monetary exchange. The new program, delivered by IC Group, is a full-scale loyalty program that provides a choice of rewards to customers who purchase contact lenses; offering a wide variety of redemption options - a variety of gift cards, chance-to-win prizes in sweepstakes and instant win games, coupons, and the ability to donate points to an eye-related charity.

The program enables consumers to grow their currency balance by engaging in the brand’s educational content, which in turn also enables patients to better care for their vision and eye health. What’s more, for the first time, contact lens solution has become an integral part of the mix.

Marking another industry advancement, this program also caters to two stakeholders of the rewards program journey in vision care – patients and eye care professionals. The program’s brand is committed, above all, to improving eye care for everyone, and they’re dedicated to supplying professionals with top level data and insights driven by the program while maintaining professional-patient confidentiality.

IC Group President, Duncan McCready, said, "We’re excited by the opportunity with this brand as they’ve taken an all-encompassing approach with all stakeholders to building loyalty vs. simply providing a rebate. We believe this will pay great dividends in building longer term loyalty. What’s key, now, based on the feedback we've received across a range of verticals, is moving from rebates to loyalty with real speed. Loyalty is growing year-upon-year and being ahead of, or at least on, the curve is now absolutely paramount.”

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