Medical Affairs Teams Typically Start Company-Driven Medical Education Programs During Registration and Launch

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwired - September 06, 2017) - New analysis of over a dozen life science firms found that 60% of surveyed teams begin company driven medical education activities during the registration and launch phase, according to business intelligence provider Cutting Edge Information.

The study, Coordinating Company-Driven Medical Education Programs, found that an additional 20% of surveyed medical affairs teams begin these activities before the product launches, and the last 20% start after the product launch. Data show that none of the surveyed life science teams begin their company-driven activities before Phase 3.

Data collected and analyzed by Cutting Edge Information show that the stage in which a team decides to start company-driven medical education activities varies greatly depending on the type of product it supports.

"Both niche and blockbuster product teams often conduct larger numbers of company-driven medical education events than common product teams," said Natalie DeMasi, research team leader at Cutting Edge Information. "Starting these activities earlier in a product's lifecycle creates a larger window of time to host these events."

As such, the data show that some of both niche and blockbuster product teams begin their activities in Phase 3a, and that no surveyed common product team starts these activities until launch. During launch, the study found, 80% of surveyed life science teams from every product type had started unaccredited medical education activities.

Coordinating Company-Driven Medical Education Programs, available online at, explores:

  • Resources and activity levels throughout the launch window
  • Changes in budget levels, staffing and event levels as products advance through the lifecycle
  • Best practices and benchmarks associated with company-driven medical education activities

Coordinating Company-Driven Medical Education Programs is part of a 10-part series that Cutting Edge Information will be publishing throughout 2017. The Medical Affairs Product Launch Series, available at, investigates how medical affairs resources and key performance indicators (KPIs) shift between two years prior to launch, one year before launch, launch year and during the product's first year on market.

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