Dr. Margie Lee (UGA) to Speak at Amlan International’s Global Sales Meeting in Chicago

CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amlan International, a leader in intestinal health in the global animal health and nutrition industry announces that Dr. Margie D. Lee, Professor of Population Health & Diagnostic Laboratory Director, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center & College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Georgia, will speak at their Global Sales Meeting on Wednesday, September 13th. Her presentation will focus on bacterial pathogenesis and potential mechanisms of antibiotic alternatives in poultry production. 

Dr. Lee’s research is focused on epidemiology of meat and poultry-borne food safety pathogens, microbial pathogenesis, and ecology of poultry intestinal microbiome. Her research has been featured in 77 peer-reviewed publications as well as chapters in the Merck Veterinary Manual and the Laboratory Manual for Isolation.

Dr. Ron Cravens, President of Amlan International, a Nevada corporation, stated, “We are excited to have Dr. Lee address our team. I am confident that her industry experience will provide helpful insight in communicating with our customers.”

Oil-Dri Corporation of America (NYSE:ODC), a Delaware corporation and doing business as “Amlan International”, has grown its product offering across the intestinal health and AGP-alternative market, driven largely by the research conducted in its laboratory campus in Vernon Hills, IL. In 2013, the company’s global reach expanded with the establishment of its China subsidiary in Shenzhen. Further information on Amlan International is available at Amlan.com.

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Reagan B. Culbertson