Fashion Snoops Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Better Clothe Male Apple Executives


NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fashion Snoops announced the launch of a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds needed to better clothe the male executives of Apple. After witnessing the fashion debacle at this week's big Apple unveiling of the new iPhone 8 and X, Fashion Snoops felt compelled to address the issue head on. With the exception of Angela Ahrendts’ pink lace Burberry coat, the men on stage looked like they had walked right out of 1995 with their ill-fitting blue shirts and boxy dad jeans.

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The unveiling of the latest innovations from Apple received heavy criticism online as rabid fans felt they’ve seen much of this before, just like we’ve seen those jeans before, especially those on Phil Schiller. Schiller was dressed like an accountant at a neighborhood cocktail party. The lack of fashion sense undermined the very image of Apple as a stylish, sexy, high-tech company.

Fashion Snoops, a leading trend forecaster monitoring fashion trends throughout the world, sees yesterday’s event as a turning point. The time has come for Apple, as the leader, to take a step forward, and move away from the look Steve Jobs pioneered, which was appropriate for his time. It is time to accept the new tenets of neo-nerd fashion. It took years, but for once, “nerd culture” is a cool influencer. It's a given that the engineered design seen in smart phones, computers, and their accessories all inspire our daily lives, but now, the talent behind the design is actually seen as essential to the concept of cool. Our neo nerds should be leading the way when it comes to the new face of minimalism embracing a slick, minimal and refined look.

“Our campaign is tongue-in-cheek, but it also underscores the fashion quandary that Silicon Valley finds itself in. They are now prisoners of history. Today’s leaders are mistakenly following in footsteps of the unkempt and rumpled leaders before them. What modern tech executives don't realize is the need to make a contemporary fashion statement in the workplace,” says Lilly Berelovich, Chief Creative Officer of Fashion Snoops. “It’s ironic how in the quickly moving tech industry, its fashion is stuck in the 1990s. The Apple uniform that we saw on stage - the untucked, long sleeve, blue shirts and boxy jeans - harkens back to the denim shirt craze of the nineties, where tech nerds wore uniforms of denim with logos proudly waving. We’ve come further and we have to do better.”

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Fashion Snoops Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Better Clothe Male Apple Executives Fashion Snoops Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Better Clothe Male Apple Executives