Ahalogy Launches Campaign Builder for Muse™ Category Trend Software

With over 1,000 brand users, Ahalogy Muse helps brands grow by uncovering trends and helping them plan action

CINCINNATI, Sept. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ahalogy, a leading influencer marketing and technology company, has released Campaign Builder for Muse—the company’s industry-leading category trend software. Campaign Builder is an in-app tool where users can save seasonal topics and trend data to make it easier for teams to plan on-trend advertising and promotions.

Ahalogy Muse was born out of the company’s years of work in helping marketers use data to optimize social media campaigns. Ahalogy found that while most marketers use “social listening” software to monitor what people say about their brands, it is very difficult to see category-level trends with these solutions. Ahalogy Muse was created with long-term campaign planning in mind. Campaign Builder is one more way Ahalogy hopes to innovate the influencer marketing industry with data.

The software is the first to tap into influencer performance data—gathered from original content and across billions of subsequent social media posts—to measure the success of these trends, making it easy for marketers to keep a pulse on their category and predict when certain topics will be most popular. For example, Halloween starts trending in August, the topic “millennial pink” was one of the summer’s highest engaged-with topics in home decor, and some of the hottest new foods are jackfruit (a meat substitute) and sweet potato toast.

Campaign Builder is a way to capitalize on those trends by planning ahead. A seasonal trend line displays how each chosen topic performs throughout the year to ensure the campaign will succeed during a specific time period. Users can also explore influencer content to inspire their campaign strategy and discover influencers to work with.

Since its March launch, Muse has seen substantial user growth with thousands of users comprised of the industry’s leading shopper marketing agencies and the largest brands in the world. The introduction of Campaign Builder is one of many ways Ahalogy is using its proprietary influencer data to drive better long-term decision-making for brands and agencies.

Ahalogy provides Muse access at no charge to its clients and their partners. You can request access at http://muse.ahalogy.com, or learn more about Ahalogy’s data-driven solution to influencer marketing at http://ahalogy.com/Brandables.

About Ahalogy

Ahalogy is the Passion to Purchase Platform™. Brands and agencies tap into Ahalogy to reach new audiences and find new usage occasions based on their target consumers’ interests. We deliver proven ROI through our category trend data, authentic influencer content, and social optimization technology. Ahalogy is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the global capital of brand marketing.

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