Amperity Emerges from Stealth, Offers Global Brands a Unified View of the Customer to Drive Top Line Growth

Leading Intelligent Customer Data Platform demonstrates how brands can supercharge customer initiatives with complete, actionable data

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 14, 2017) - Amperity, the world's only Intelligent Customer Data Platform, today formally unveiled its solution to help enterprises unify and activate customer data from all of a brand's disparate data sources. Now, marketers, analysts and IT teams can gain direct and timely access to their unified customer data, empowering them to produce individualized marketing, build enduring customer loyalty and deliver on their innovative customer visions to drive top line growth. The product will be unveiled in Seattle today at the Future of Consumer Marketing event, with consumer marketing executives from Fortune 500 companies such as Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, Alaska Airlines, Nordstrom, TGI Friday's, Kendra Scott, Starbucks and GAP Inc., among others, speaking about how they see complete and usable customer data shaping the future of consumer marketing.

Consumer demand for quality, personalized interactions with brands is at an all time peak. But only 13 percent of companies deploy truly customer-specific individual messages today (BCG). Internet-first companies like Amazon are responsible for setting these high expectations, and they've also been at the forefront in leveraging the power of data to stay competitive. However, the journey hasn't been easy for non-internet-first companies. While companies now have more data than ever at their fingertips, they lack the technologies and the capabilities to unlock its true value. They are left dealing with data that is inaccessible, inaccurate, and inconsistent. This ultimately limits brands' ability to acquire new customers, deepen existing customer relationships, and drive top line revenue growth.

Many companies have tried to solve pieces of this problem, and while they had the right intentions, they ultimately failed and were unable to scale and provide a truly accurate, complete view of a customer. Amperity has solved what others could not by getting at the core of the problem and using advanced machine learning and a large-scale, distributed data infrastructure to rapidly deliver complete and actionable customer data. "The industry has been chasing this idea of a '360 degree view of the customer' since I first started working in this field more than 10 years ago, but has yet to deliver a solution that can perform at scale to help marketers unify and understand their data in context," said Kabir Shahani, CEO and Co-founder of Amperity. "It's been an elusive goal for many of us on the team for a long time; it's hard to describe what a thrill it's been to watch the team bring a product to life that really does work, and work very well. Amperity is like the connective tissue for a brand's customer data, providing the one place within an organization that has a precise, timely & complete view of the customer and enabling our users to deliver a better customer experience that drives loyalty & increased revenue."

The team is already helping several of the world's most loved brands unlock insights from their customer data and realize the full potential of their marketing opportunities. For example, Amperity helped a luxury brand launch personalized, omni-channel holiday campaigns based on longitudinal customer behaviors, increasing campaign revenue by 13% over the previous year. Amperity also helped a leading airline drive a 198% increase year-over-year in conversion rate for their pre-trip email campaign by unifying customer data and fueling personalized omni-channel marketing.

With Amperity, customers can benefit from:

  • Complete customer data: Amperity ingests raw data from any and all of your customer data sources, including loyalty databases, clickstream, point of sale, eCommerce, CRM, and anywhere else that contains customer information.
  • Machine learning powered identity resolution: Active machine learning to resolves identities, with each model refined and customized to ensure the best match quality for your data. Amperity surpasses deterministic and fuzzy matching for unparalleled match rates.
  • Real-time updates: Create complete, actionable customers profiles in real-time, with automatic and continuous updates fueled by massive computing power and advanced machine learning.
  • Direct actionability for marketers and analysts: Explore, segment, download and activate your customer data using a marketer-facing visual interface or a powerful SQL based editor designed for the analyst.
  • Undisturbed workflows: Integrate Amperity seamlessly with existing technologies and workflows. Send customer data anywhere, including adtech, martech, and analytics applications, so data is never trapped within a single system and can fuel any analysis, campaign, or customer interaction.
  • Security and compliance: Government grade ground up security and complete automation to ensure the integrity and availability of your data.
  • Team of Experts: Dedicated team of data scientists specializing in customer data unification

"Microsoft has always been a partner-led company, and we're particularly keen to identify and work with companies that help our customers grow their businesses," said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, AI Business at Microsoft. "Amperity is a prime example of a company that's innovating to solve a business problem that brands have been plagued with for years. Having a precise, timely, and complete view of the consumer is a transformational capability and we are thrilled to partner with Amperity in providing this innovative technology to our Azure customers."

"Every brand wants to have a more personal relationship with their customers, but they often have data in disparate locations and systems," said Matt McIlwain, Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group and Amperity board member. "Amperity combines modern machine learning and cloud technology to create compelling customer data management solutions that help the world's leading brands serve those customers better."

Amperity will be unveiling its Intelligent Customer Data Platform live today at an exclusive event: Shaping the Future of Consumer Marketing.

About Amperity
Amperity solves the customer data unification problem for the enterprise. Using advanced machine learning and massive computing power, Amperity rapidly and accurately builds complete customer profiles from all of a brand's disparate data sources. By accelerating, streamlining and maximizing customer data unification and usability, Amperity powers improved marketing performance and analytics. The results are happier customers, greater lifetime value and top line growth. For more information, please visit