TechShop, Pittsburgh Maker Community Collaborate to Launch Nonprofit Makerspace: Protohaven

TechShop Pittsburgh’s lease extended through November 30, 2017

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TechShop Inc., the world’s largest network of open-access makerspaces, announced this week that TechShop Pittsburgh has extended its Bakery Square lease until November 31st. The facility will remain open for members while a new nonprofit, Protohaven, raises funds and secures a new location for the Pittsburgh-area makerspace.

Since 2013, TechShop Pittsburgh has served over 1,200 local makers. President Obama and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe have visited the shop. Actor Ewan McGregor has also toured it. Over 2,000 youth have participated in after-school and summer camp programs. Startable, a free eight-week youth program focused on entrepreneurship, has served over a hundred youth—20 of whom have gone on to start their own business.

TechShop Pittsburgh has helped fuel the birth of hundreds of products and dozens of new companies. These businesses include innovators SolePower, BoXZy, Kerf and Trusst, social entrepreneur Knotzland, and veteran-owned company PuzzlePax. TechShop has also supported the launch of makerspaces, educational companies, and city-wide initiatives like Rec2Tech and Inclusive Innovation Week.

TechShop has been critical to the foundation of Pittsburgh as a Maker City. The strong support by individual members has helped partially sustain the shop’s operation, and the giving community has contributed to growth in youth programs. This, however, was not enough to fully sustain the business. In order to carry Pittsburgh makers into the next iteration, TechShop believes that a nonprofit will be best suited to continue this legacy.

Developed by a dedicated team of TechShop Pittsburgh members and staff, Protohaven will become a licensee of TechShop and is offering to honor TechShop memberships at its new facility. The nonprofit’s mission, “Making for the public good,” is a guiding statement aimed at continuing to provide equipment and programs to makers from all parts of Pittsburgh.

To support this effort, TechShop, Inc. has been working with TechShop Pittsburgh staff and Walnut Capital to identify the optimal path forward. The real estate company has agreed to this 60-day lease extension as an opportunity for a Pittsburgh entity to solidify. TechShop, Inc. will continue to operate TechShop Pittsburgh LLC through November, at which time TechShop hopes to be able to transfer the TechShop Pittsburgh license to Protohaven.

In order for Protohaven’s mission to fully come to fruition, the nonprofit will be raising funds during the next several months. To keep informed of updates and ways to get involved, visit

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