International Minute Press Printing Franchise Owner Jared Ostendorf Celebrates 8 Years in Business in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Jared Ostendorf graduated from college and knew he wanted to own a business. He found the right franchise training and support system with International Minute Press in Fayetteville, NC

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C., Sept. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just two years removed from college and with no prior industry experience, Jared Ostendorf decided to buy a printing franchise. Jared found the right franchise training and support system run by people he could trust at Minuteman Press International, and he is now celebrating eight years in business at International Minute Press in Fayetteville, NC (Minuteman Press International operates as International Minute Press in North Carolina).

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Entrepreneurship Runs in the Family

For Jared Ostendorf, his drive to become an entrepreneur at such a young age was not surprising. He explains, "The end goal out of college was to have my own business.  My family already had a family-run business and my father was going to want a 'retirement' job after he decided to stop working in his business.  It was my goal to grow the business so I could not only support my immediate family, but I could provide jobs to my parents as well."

Asked why he decided to buy this printing franchise with no industry experience, Jared answers, "We decided to franchise with Minuteman Press International primarily based on the trust we had in our local Regional Vice President Dave Walton.  I could see the vision of growing the company, and we trusted Dave's opinion and his history with the company itself.  I felt the size of Minuteman Press International would get us better pricing with vendors and I was extremely impressed with their royalty cap."

Printing Franchise Success in Fayetteville, NC

Today, Jared's family-owned and operated International Minute Press printing franchise continues to thrive. Listening to Jared speak about his business reveals some of the key reasons for his success. Most notably, Jared provides personalized customer service and takes full advantage of the wide variety of products and services he is able to provide to his clients. He says, "We offer graphic design, printing, signage, vehicle graphics, and advertising specialties. The biggest thing I've learned in the past eight years is to try to stay ahead of your competitors in technology and the products you offer. People still do business with people they like so it's important to associate your products with yourself and who you are.  I'm very proud of where we are at after eight years.  I would say every day we are getting closer to the vision of the company I had when we first started this journey."

Jared expands on this vision he has for his business and also credits his stellar professional staff for all of their efforts in helping him along the way. He states, "I would say the number one reason for our success goes back to my staff.  They have really taken ownership of the excitement of our growth and want to be the best graphics company we can be."

Another reason Jared's printing franchise stands out in the business community in Fayetteville is that his personality matches his business sense. "I try to be cordial to everyone I meet – including my competitors," says Jared. He adds, "We pay our bills extremely quickly which makes for healthy relationships with my vendors.  The last acquisition I had called me on my cell phone recently on a weekend.  The older owner had asked their paper vendor who was the best in town to call for buying his business, and the vendor referred my company to them."

Most Rewarding Thing about Owning a Printing Franchise

Reflecting on the previous eight years, Jared Ostendorf has developed a deep appreciation for the relationships he has built and does not take his position as the leader of his company lightly. He says, "I would say the most rewarding part of owning my own business is the contacts I have made throughout the years in the printing industry.  My staff and I have quickly become a 'go-to' company when others need a good referral.  It helps us develop an even better relationship with our customers because we offer a greater benefit than just the products we sell.  Being my own boss is good and bad.  I have discretion making my own schedule; however, I hold myself to the highest standards and put the most stress on myself for the business to grow and run efficiently.  All of the employees are a direct reflection of my company and it is easy to take things personally."

As mentioned earlier, another relationship Jared is proud to have is with Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President Dave Walton. Jared elaborates on the importance of working with the ongoing local support team that the franchisor has put in place as well as other owners who are part of the bigger franchise family, saying, "The local support from Dave Walton, our RVP, has been great.  Dave is always there when I need him for advice or have questions about vendors and products, etc.  The relationships with the other owners have been instrumental as well.  I have relationships with other owners that are very reciprocal and we all share the same passion for wanting to grow the business.  We are far enough away from each other where we don't compete so we are able to help each other the best that we can."

For Jared Ostendorf, two other rewarding aspects of owning his International Minute Press printing franchise are being able to give back to the Fayetteville community when he can as well as simply enjoying what he does on a daily basis. He notes, "I try to help out as many local organizations that work well with us that I can.  In some cases, I am able to donate or sponsor 100% and in other instances, I try to give a discount on products. Every day, I show up on time like every other employee in the center.  I am more on the sales/customer service end of the shop where I am directly making quotes and creating work orders. I get out and do deliveries.  This allows me to associate myself with the product.  If there are any issues with the product, I can troubleshoot it immediately.  I float among parts of the center and manage / help out wherever needed."

Dave Walton adds, "The key to Jared's success and in our business is giving outstanding customer service and quality. Jared and his team exemplify both of these qualities as he continues serving the Fayetteville business community.”

Franchise Business Goals + Advice for Others

With eight years of printing franchise business ownership already under his belt, Jared Ostendorf is looking to continue growing full steam ahead. What's next for International Minute Press in Fayetteville? Jared answers, "We had tremendous growth last year so our goal for this year is 10% growth.  We are also breaking ground on an addition to our building so we can add 4,000 square feet to what we currently have."

Jared's advice for others who are looking into owning a business or franchise is this: "If you are investing in yourself and the business, give 110% to reach your goals.  You can't sit back and let things happen.  You really have to control your own outcome.  You will have some setbacks, but you keep doing the right things and treating people right and you will succeed."

Jared Ostendorf's Minuteman Press franchise is located at 1005 Arsenal Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28305. For more information, call Jared and his team at 910-485-7955 or visit their website:

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