Martin Lawrence Galleries invites you to a special exhibition of Reverse Paintings by Darren Goins

Nations Premier Fine Art Gallery in La Jolla exhibits new and unique works from October 1 - October 31

Greenwich, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

La Jolla, CA, Sept. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "As a painter, I'm working backwards. For me, the first mark is the most obvious and then the last mark I make on a painting will probably be barely even seen."-Darren Goins

Martin Lawrence Galleries has always been a source for new and upcoming artists of vision. And that certainly defines Darren Goins, a singular voice who expresses his artistic ideas through the use of compiling paint, his camera phone, digital prints, silver gelatin prints and screen-print drawings from his computer utilizing Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. Goins works are considered tech-based painting utilizing a 3-D carver known as a CNC machine. The process is tricky and delicate, and the results are always a surprise to the eye. Over the years, Goins painting methods have become sophisticated and textural, with exciting sculptural accidents occurring during the process.

Goins works and particular settings relate to landscape planning diagrams, topographical maps or architectural plans. He is intrigued by cultures and locations around the globe where communication is through pictures rather than words. The imagined version of a civilization or society adds the romantic connection to his works.

"Let gravity be your best friend and don't give it too much credit, just give it enough for a little balance"-Darren Goins

The North Carolina-born and educated artist received his BFA in Photography and Printmaking from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has participated globally in twelve selected solo and group exhibitions. Goins residencies include the Socrates Sculpture Park in NY and the McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC. Grants and Awards have been bestowed by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York, Public Art Commission, NYCDOT and the Public Art Commission, Cats, Charlotte, NC. Goins who now lives in Los Angeles creates his works in his warehouse-like studio. Martin Lawrence Galleries in La Jolla will be exhibiting new works for acquisition at their La Jolla by the Sea gallery. Admirers can take in original works, paintings, sculpture and limited-edition graphics by Warhol, Picasso, Murakami, Miró, Mas, Kondakova, Haring, Hallam, Fressinier, Erté, Dalí and Chagall along with other modern and contemporary masters alongside a breathtaking ocean view.

Darren Goins + Reverse Paintings + October 1 - October 31

Martin Lawrence Galleries + 1111 Prospect St + La Jolla by the Sea + (858) 551-1122 + MARTINLAWRENCE.COM

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Darren Goins, Short_Squeeze_Aside, 2015 Darren Goins, Check_Passw, 2016

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