ExtraHop Unveils Immersive Maps of the Digital Enterprise to Maximize Security and Performance

New 7.0 Release Delivers Live Activity Maps, Anomaly-Driven Security Workflows, and Perfect Forward Secrecy Decryption at Scale

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2017) - ExtraHop, the leader in real-time analytics, today announced the general availability of ExtraHop 7.0. With this release, ExtraHop introduces live activity maps for complete 3D interaction with the hybrid IT environment; enhanced threat anomalies and machine learning-initiated workflows for performance and security; and perfect forward secrecy (PFS) decryption at scale to support next-generation security architectures.

In the enterprise, slow time is the new downtime, and performance and security issues are now existential threats. Even as enterprises demand more speed, scale, and functionality, IT has lacked the visibility it needs to ensure consistent performance and security. With ExtraHop 7.0, organizations can accelerate remediation of performance and security issues by visually identifying and investigating anomalous behavior; answer audit and compliance questions via visual representations of device communications and dependencies; monitor PFS-encrypted traffic at scale so that organizations don't have to choose between security and visibility; and easily share relevant data and insights across multiple teams.

New features in ExtraHop 7.0 include:

  • Live activity maps: With live activity maps, ExtraHop delivers a complete 360 degree visualization of the entire IT environment, from on-premises to the cloud. Moving beyond static block diagrams or simple network topology maps, live activity maps enables IT operations and security teams to accelerate investigations by exploring a visual map of all device and application communications, including real-time and historical views. Users can zero in on incidents and anomalies by filtering or excluding devices, and drill down into the transaction records with one click. Live activity maps also support business-critical initiatives like cloud migration, datacenter consolidation, and regulatory compliance.
  • ExtraHop Decryption Suite: ExtraHop now extends SSL decryption capabilities to support PFS, the emerging standard for privacy and security encryption. With first-to-market PFS decryption capability, security teams can implement best-in-class security and compliance measures without compromising critical visibility for network and IT operations teams.
  • Addy security anomalies: ExtraHop Addy now automatically detects and alerts on more types of suspicious behavior, including network scans, data exfiltration, and unusual file server access.
  • Anomaly-initiated workflows: ExtraHop Addy's machine learning detects and alerts on performance and security anomalies automatically, leveraging ExtraHop Open Data Stream technology to enable rapid incident response and remediation. With anomaly-initiated workflows, users can automate the response to alerts for specific events in ServiceNow, Cisco Tetration, and other third-party systems.
  • Click here to learn about other new features in 7.0, including application definition experience and scheduled reports.

"IT underpins every aspect of operations, from the way employees accomplish work to the way customers interact with the organization," said Jesse Rothstein, CTO and co-founder, ExtraHop. "With 7.0, we're empowering enterprise IT with the analytics, alerting, and automation required to manage performance at scale and address today's advanced threats. When IT can know everything about the environment, they can be fearless in accelerating and securing business transformation."

To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform, explore the ExtraHop interactive online demo.

The Industry's Take: ExtraHop 7.0

What Customers Are Saying:

"For Stack Overflow, ensuring the performance of our websites and infrastructure to provide the fastest, most reliable experience for over 50 million users is paramount," said Mark Henderson, Site Reliability Engineer at Stack Overflow. "With ExtraHop 7.0, it's easier to get the visibility we need to understand the dependencies within our environment, share these insights in a routine manner, and be more proactive in addressing potential issues before they impact our users."

"The promise of monitoring tools is in the broad visibility they provide, helping us spot performance, availability, and security issues before they impact the business," said Scot Weeks, Applied Architecture Manager at Symetra Financial Corporation. "With the new live activity maps, ExtraHop is giving us visibility like never before. For a majority of our support engineers, the graphical representation of active connections are easier for them to relate to, allowing them to navigate from the highest level to the most granular, packet-level detail in three clicks. With ExtraHop, we're not guessing. We know."

"New scheduled reports bring our most important dashboards and charts right into our inbox -- this has been extremely useful in automating and surfacing information in a routine way to my team," said Esther Go, President and CEO of MediLink Network, Inc. "They can now spend more time channeling their efforts toward analysis rather than preparing the report, which ultimately gives us better understanding of how our applications are performing and allows us to provide a better healthcare experience to all of our stakeholders."

To learn more about how customers are saving countless hours and millions of dollars with ExtraHop, check out the Customer Stories page.

What Analysts Are Saying:

"The network is a powerful tool for security teams when used as a data source to detect security issues," said Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. "With its latest release, ExtraHop applies visualization, automation, and machine learning to help organizations realize the promise of leveraging the network for enhanced security."

"Wire data analysis is coming into the frame as the data source companies need to strengthen their detection capabilities, and ExtraHop is adding features to make its platform increasingly relevant for security and IT operations professionals," said Rik Turner, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum. "I particularly like the live activity maps to streamline investigations, and support for PFS in the Decryption Suite, which shows the company being proactive about new security standards."

"In most organizations, IT operations and security operations operate as two distinct units. The objectives of these two units are often distinct, so the alignment of processes to include network forensics as part of the security incident response is critical," wrote Gartner analysts Sanjit Ganguli and Lawrence Orans in their November 16, 2016 report titled "Network Performance Monitoring Tools Can Play a Critical Role in Responding to Security Breaches."

What Partners Are Saying:

"At Trace3, our customers rely on us to deliver solutions that support their most critical initiatives, including security, cloud, and IT Ops. ExtraHop is a key player in all of these," said David Ishmael, Director of IT Operations Analytics at Trace3. "It's always on, always alerting -- and not just for the things we know we need to be watching. ExtraHop sees everything and alerts customers to security and performance issues before they turn into business problems. No matter what our customers' environments look like, we can count on ExtraHop to deliver the visibility our customers need."

"The collaboration between ExtraHop and Gigamon's GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform has long delivered to joint customers the real-time insight they need for troubleshooting, capacity planning, and security monitoring," said Ananda Rajagopal, Vice President of Products at Gigamon. "Our ability to provide pervasive visibility into data-in-motion combined with ExtraHop's new data visualization and security alerting capability is making it easier than ever for our customers to support digital operations by proactively managing performance and shutting down threats."

"At Kedron, we're committed to working with our customers to provide monitoring solutions and services that deliver greater operational and security intelligence and control," said Justin Pounds, Business Development Director at KedronUK. "With its latest release, ExtraHop has taken network monitoring and analytics to the next-level, delivering visualizations and alerting that offer the kind of situational awareness and operational intelligence our customers rely on to support their IT, security, and business operations."

"At Ikara, we work with customers from across diverse industries, but one thing is consistent. They all want solutions that help them improve security and compliance and deliver better IT performance for their organization," said Reuben Bennett, Managing Partner, Ikara Group. "With new live activity maps, security anomaly alerting, and enhanced workflow automation, ExtraHop brings a new level of visibility and control across the entire IT infrastructure. It's the kind of insight that can truly deliver proactive operations."

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The Decryption Suite now supports cipher suites using ephemeral key exchange (Perfect Forward Secrecy). Live activity maps enable new methods of understanding network communications and dependencies. Track service chain dependencies with live activity maps that reveal how components interact with one another. Speed up security investigations and performance troubleshooting with live activity maps. ExtraHop Addy detects security anomalies such as scans, malware command and control, and data exfiltration.