British Member of Parliament and Family Office Asset Manager Join the GEX Management Advisory Board

Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES

DALLAS, Sept. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GEX Management, Inc. (OTCQB:GXXM) is proud to announce the addition of Andrew Percy, Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, and Jason Bailey, Investment and Business Asset Manager of a private family office,  to the GEX Advisory Board team.

GEX Management is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Staffing Company and Professional Services Company that provides an array of workforce and business solutions to clients in many different industries.  One mission of GEX is to differentiate itself from its competitors by providing a tailored suite of service offerings specific to a client’s industry, and in turn provide its clients with higher value at a lower cost.  GEX formed its Advisory Board with this mission in mind, and its members are developing into a diverse team of highly respected leaders across multiple industries and even across the globe.

One such appointee is Mr. Andrew Percy MP, who brings an international perspective to the team. Mr. Percy is a three term Member of Parliament in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom.  Mr. Percy has served as Member of Parliament for his constituency since 2010, and was recently re-elected in the UK general election held on June 8th of this year.  He brings a unique, international perspective to the GEX Advisory Board. Not only has Mr. Percy served on prominent UK parliamentary committees specific to economic trade and business development, but he has been appointed to positions by Prime Ministers David Cameron and Teresa May. Most recently, Mr. Percy served as a Minister in Prime Minister Theresa May’s government.  Mr. Percy remains a Member of Parliament and presently serves as Prime Minister May’s UK Trade Envoy to Canada. 

“Mr. Percy’s addition to the GEX Advisory Board will provide GEX with a knowledgeable resource on global affairs and global business, especially in relation to UK-North American relations,” said GEX Chief Executive Officer Carl Dorvil.  “His unique knowledge and insight will be a great benefit to prospective clients that have operations in these markets, as well as our current clients that are seeking to expand into these regions.”

Another addition to the GEX Advisory Board is Mr. Jason Bailey.  Mr. Bailey began his career in 1993 as a staff accountant for Alcoa. He spent thirteen years at Alcoa where he assumed more financial and operational responsibilities within the Company. Upon leaving Alcoa, Mr. Bailey took a position with Simmons Foods, and was responsible for warehousing and distribution.  At both Alcoa and Simmons, Jason was active in workforce transitions, M&A strategic planning as well as multiple corporate development projects. 

In 2012, Jason left Simmons to assume the role of Investment and Business Asset Manager of a private family office which owns multiple companies that utilize PEO and Staffing services in their portfolio. Mr. Bailey’s current responsibilities include managing a portfolio of public and private investments, overseeing real-estate investment developments, and day-to-day business logistics. Mr. Bailey holds an accounting degree and an MBA and stated, “GEX will bring new and creative solutions into the PEO space. I believe that GEX has the foundation to be a highly successful company and I am happy to be be a part of the effort.”

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GEX Management, Inc. is a licensed Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and a Professional Services Company that provides comprehensive back office services to our clients in a variety of industries. Our services include HR, Payroll, Risk & Compliance Management, Digital Marketing, IT, Executive Consulting, and Accounting/Bookkeeping. We offer progressive and complete solutions for employee management and operational needs of your company.

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