BurstIQ Digital Token Crowdsale Opens Today, September 26, 2017

Colorado-based health data innovator selling 700,000,000 BiQ


DENVER, Sept. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BurstIQ, a leading in Blockchain-based health data company, is launching the public phase of its digital token crowd-sale today, September 26th. The BiQ digital token will be available for purchase directly through the company at biq.burstiq.com.

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BurstIQ is offering 70 percent of total available BiQs at a price of $0.12 each.  From September 26th - October 31st, buyers will receive up to 20% bonus BiQs depending on purchase date (no minimum purchase). See the company’s token memorandum for details.

BurstIQ’s platform combines blockchain technology with big data capabilities, advanced security protocols and machine intelligence. The proprietary platform enables large, complex datasets to be managed, parsed, shared and mined while maintaining strict security standards and compliance with federal security and privacy requirements. The BiQ Ecosystem will allow people, businesses and researchers to interact directly with each other - creating partnerships, collaborations, social networks, marketing relationships and more. Transactions on the BiQ Ecosystem will use BiQ tokens.

“We have had an amazing response so far,” says Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ.  “But the real power of our platform is enabling individuals to own and control their data.  Rather than sell most of the tokens to institutional buyers, we’ve reserved a large number of BIQs for the broader community.”

For more information about BurstIQ and how to participate in the public BiQ crowdsale, please visit burstiq.com or contact info@burstiq.com.
About BurstIQ
The BurstIQ platform leverages blockchain, advanced security, Big Data capabilities and machine intelligence to enable people to access and control their health data, and to put their data to work for them through a broad ecosystem of personalized products, services, research opportunities, and peer networks. Bring your health to life with BurstIQ. Visit burstiq.com for more information.

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