Launches New Video Series Focusing on Lyme Disease

Patient Talk partners with the LaureL Foundation, Bay Area Lyme Foundation, and LymeLight Foundation to premiere video series about Lyme Disease

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- added today to the roster of diagnoses it highlights by introducing a new video series on Lyme disease, which is estimated to affect more than 300,000 individuals a year in this country alone. The site is a video-centric health care portal launched by entrepreneur and former television executive John Symes. 

The new Lyme disease series features eight hours of informational video and includes stories from patients, caregivers, and medical experts discussing all stages of the illness—from early localized Lyme to late stage Lyme which is difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat.  Patient Talk Lyme disease contributors speak candidly about how they coped with their disease and its myriad of symptoms as well as the considerable social and financial impact that comes with living with this difficult chronic condition. As with all of Patient Talk's original content, the power of the patient and caregiver voice provides insights that only people who have experienced the disease can share.   

“Patient Talk is very fortunate to have such dedicated partners in these three philanthropic organizations, whose purpose is to create awareness, fund research, and assist young patients with their medical costs as they confront a chronic condition like Lyme disease that is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the country,” said Symes, founder and CEO of Patient 

Laure Woods, President of the LaureL Foundation and a Lyme disease sufferer, stated, “When I was at my worst, feeling hopeless and alone, I searched for a support platform for people in my same situation, and could find none. The Patient Talk Lyme disease series provides kind, comfortable and eloquently detailed, informational videos for patients, caregivers and doctors. After watching this series, I’m confident that those touched by Lyme will feel better and more hopeful about their future.”

“Each day 901 people across the nation are diagnosed with Lyme disease, yet support resources are scarce for those suffering from chronic Lyme,” stated Linda Giampa, Executive Director, Bay Area Lyme Foundation. “Kudos to Patient Talk for its efforts to demonstrate how Lyme continues to be a disease that is challenging to diagnose and without a cure. Our hope is that this video series will help the estimated one million Americans struggling with chronic Lyme disease and increase public awareness of the daily lives of those suffering.”

“LymeLight Foundation’s hope and expectation is that the Patient Talk Lyme disease series will become a significant educational tool both for those suffering with Lyme disease and the general public.  Seeing real patients and doctors will help viewers understand the perils of Lyme disease and the issues and challenges of those suffering. For those struggling with Lyme, the series will enable a better understanding of the disease and its many physical and emotional challenges,” said LymeLight Foundation Executive Director, Phyllis Bedford.

The Lyme disease series was produced by Patient Talk in association with the LaureL Foundation, Bay Area Lyme Foundation, and LymeLight Foundation.  MSamuelsMedia produced this series and Scott Forsgren acted as its medical consultant. is the first-ever video-centric healthcare site featuring real patients, caregivers, and prominent medical experts discussing their personal and professional experiences with many life-threatening diseases.  Initially, the site focused on breast cancer and has since produced additional series on obesity, back pain and joint replacements.   
Patient Talk currently offers 35 hours of original video content on topics including breast cancer, obesity, back pain, joint replacements and now Lyme disease.  Work is underway to develop several more series that will focus on subjects including migraines, Type 1 diabetes, prostate cancer, acne, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.  Symes expects to produce more than 60 diagnosis series in the next five years, with all content created in-house and distributed exclusively on  

About LaureL Foundation
The LaureL Foundation, established in 1995, is the philanthropic vehicle of Laure L. Woods.  Through her foundation, Ms. Woods supports a variety of causes, including: research, patient assistance, outreach and education on Lyme disease; animal welfare; education and enrichment programs and opportunities for disadvantaged youth, with a special focus on S.T.E.M.; youth mental health services; and empowerment of young women and girls.  Ms. Woods, who herself suffers from late-stage Lyme disease, chairs the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Lyme Foundation

About Bay Area Lyme Foundation
Bay Area Lyme Foundation is a national nonprofit organization providing philanthropic capital and research support to accelerate medical breakthroughs for Lyme disease. Lyme is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the country with over 329,000 new cases each year and yet Lyme research is dramatically underfunded. Our aim is to transform the research landscape and engage the private sector in order to produce reliable diagnostics and treatments that work.

About LymeLight Foundation
The mission of LymeLight Foundation is to help young people struggling with Lyme disease access proper medical treatment and to prevent the long-term effects of Lyme disease through public awareness and education. LymeLight Foundation provides medical grants up to $10,000 to Lyme-infected children and young adults who cannot pay for necessary treatments. LymeLight Foundation has awarded grants totaling $2.9M to 494 individuals in 43 states since its inception in 2011. Children are the most susceptible to contracting Lyme disease, will suffer the longest if left untreated, and have most to gain if properly treated. Through medical grants, LymeLight helps youth who may otherwise lead lives of unfulfilled potential and dependency to forge a path towards health and self-reliance.

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