Major Discovery in Mathematics: Technology firm F9Analytics makes ground-breaking discovery in mathematics that will significantly change the way the Ax = b problem and other related problems are solved

Tucson, Arizona, UNITED STATES

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology firm F9Analytics and its principals in their related work in optimization have made a ground-breaking discovery in mathematics, not contemplated since Carl Friedrich Gauss, that will significantly change the way the Ax = b problem and other related problems are solved and taught.

According to F9Analytics founder John J Cona, “When my cousin, a Physicist at the University of Arizona, saw the solution, he said, ‘I can’t believe you solved this?’” According to Cona, the next question was “but can you extend this to N dimensions?” That problem took a little longer - about a month - until Cona arrived at the N dimensional extension of his method.

The beauty and simplicity of the mathematical discovery is centered around a “Geometric Inverse Rotation,” which builds upon the mathematical ideas of Wallace Givens and the Givens Rotation.  According to Cona, “When we think of solving a unique system problem similar to Ax = b, every textbook teaches and most algorithms rely on some derivation of a Gaussian Method – a method that traces its origins back 200 BCE to the Chinese ‘Fangcheng.’ With the new mathematical discovery - no Archaic RREF or Gaussian Methods are required – just beautiful elegant mathematical rotations.”

This discovery has opened doors in the following areas of mathematics:

  • Re-writing mathematical history in terms of calculating the Inverse of a Matrix without any form of Gauss or RREF to solve the Ax = b problem
  • Offers a simple replacement for the Simplex Algorithm/Karmarkar Algorithm that solves primal and dual LP optimization problems in two simple block steps
  • Provides a direct computation for the Inverse of a Rectangular Matrix without using the known Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse

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