Over 2 Million Homes Received HERS Ratings

Like a MPG for Home Energy Efficiency to Help Homeowners Save

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Oct. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As utility costs continue to rise, more homeowners are looking to better measure the efficiency of their homes.

Now they have a tool to aid them in selecting a home to buy. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score provides a homebuyer a way to compare the energy performance of a home in the same fashion as the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) sticker does for auto buyers.

The HERS Index is a national industry standard for inspecting, testing and rating a home’s energy performance.  The HERS Index is recognized by over 300 local and state energy code jurisdictions, and by the federal government, including the Energy Star for Homes program. In addition,

  • Residential real estate appraisers can access a home’s HERS Index to consider in the appraisal of a home
  • Legislation introduced in Congress relies upon HERS in having lenders consider the energy performance of a home in the mortgage loan.             

Over 2 million homes have been rated using the HERS Index, helping homeowners understand the energy performance of the home and the expected reduction of energy bills. As a result, it is estimated that annually carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by over 4 million tons (the equivalent of taking more than 766,000 cars off the road each year) and consumers have seen annual energy bill savings of over $1 billion.

The HERS Index Score tells homeowners and prospective buyers how their homes compare to other similar ones in terms of energy usage. Performed via diagnostic testing by certified HERS Raters, the HERS Index Score is based on several variables that affect the energy efficiency of a home, including exterior walls, attic, windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, ductwork, water heating systems, lighting and appliances. 

“As builders help homeowners and buyers compare total home cost and value, the use of the HERS Index Score continues to grow,” says RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden. “Each year, nearly 1 in 4 new homes sold receive HERS Index Scores, because buyers want to compare and save the most on their homes’ utility bills.”

To find a certified RESNET Energy rater to help save money on energy costs, improve home comfort and increase a home’s resale value, visit http://www.hersindex.com/get-a-home-energy-rating/

Valerie Briggs
Communications Director