Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and SRS Health Approach Value-Based Care Together through Fully Integrated Solution

MONTVALE, N.J., Oct. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Illinois Bone & Joint Institute (IBJI) team has chosen SRS Health, a leader in orthopedic HCIT solutions, to partner with them in tackling the escalating complexities of value-based care. IBJI—one of the largest orthopedic specialty groups nationwide—chose SRS Health for its shared vision of engaging patients, improving care, and achieving superior outcomes.

As the healthcare environment increasingly shifts toward value-based reimbursement, it has been left up to specialty practices to find ways to more comprehensively document their outcomes while still preserving the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship. EHR vendors have been challenged to create new methods of frictionless data capture and patient engagement that ensure compliance with the new model, allow practices to prove the value of their service and maximize reimbursements without impeding existing workflows.

SRS Health offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that seamlessly monitors the entire continuum of care—from pre- to post-visit—giving IBJI the ability to optimize workflows, operational efficiencies and treatment protocols, leading to better clinical outcomes for their patients and better financial outcomes for the practice itself. SRS Health’s patient engagement platform—in addition to automating patient intake and the collection of patient feedback—empowers patients to become an integral part of their own care team. The SRS outcomes solution supports IBJI’s efforts to improve the quality of patient care by providing large data sets for benchmarking and research. Partnering with SRS Health allows IBJI to continue to focus on delivering superior patient care without the additional burden of cumbersome data collection.

“At IBJI, we continually strive to enhance our clinical delivery model around the patient’s needs,” said André Blom, IBJI chief operating officer. “When we looked at the depth and breadth of orthopedic data that SRS Health’s outcomes solution—powered by OBERD—collects and quantifies, there was no question that they could provide us with the insights to keenly refine our ongoing quality-improvement initiatives. Understanding the complete spectrum of our clinical intervention strategies will serve us well on a daily basis, especially in the emerging value-based care models in which we participate.”

“Understanding the complexities our clients are facing in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape and developing strategies and solutions to help them excel is our reason for being,” says Scott Ciccarelli, chief executive officer at SRS Health. “While staying true to our roots in providing outstanding productivity and customizable workflows, we have taken a giant leap forward in helping our clients to demonstrate value by improving operational efficiencies, lowering cost of care, and enhancing the quality of their outcomes.”

To learn more about this important partnership and what integration can mean for a specialty practice, please visit or call 800-288-8369.

About Illinois Bone & Joint Institute
Founded in 1990, IBJI is one of the largest orthopedic group practices in the country. With more than 100 physicians in every orthopedic specialty, IBJI offers care for children and adults from some of the most accomplished and respected orthopedists in the country. IBJI’s 20 locations in Chicago and the north suburbs make it easy to access complete musculoskeletal care.

About SRS Health
SRS Health, a leading innovator in intelligent data solutions for orthopedic practices, is advancing healthcare by creating frictionless technologies that enhance quality, efficiency, and outcomes. The company’s flagship healthcare IT ecosystem EHR, Outcomes, PM, Patient Portal, Transcription, and PACS— is unique in its ability to position high-performance specialists for success in a value-based-payment world. With 20 years of experience, unmatched implementation success, extensive industry and regulatory expertise, and top-rated US-based customer service and support, it is no wonder that SRS has earned top KLAS and Black Book ratings from their clients. To see why SRS is the trusted partner of so many prominent orthopedic practices, and how they can prepare you for the future, visit, read their blog at, e-mail, or call 800.288.8369.

SRS Health
Catherine Armstrong