Hope Orthopedics of Oregon Commits to Quality with Practice-Wide Patient-Reported Outcomes Program

SALEM, Ore. and PHOENIX, Oct. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hope Orthopedics of Oregon and CODE Technology partner to bring patient-reported outcomes program practice-wide. The collaboration will scale Hope’s patient-reported outcomes program to all five of their locations, and enable the practice to enroll every eligible patient in the outcomes program – approximately 3,500+ patients a year across the entire orthopedic service line.

Hope is positioning themselves to lead the quality transformation in Oregon and the United States. A robust patient-reported outcome program is aligned to Hope’s strategic focus on quality and innovation. Lorissa Addabbo, CEO, Hope Orthopedics of Oregon said, “Our entire organization is excited about the patient-reported outcomes program. We take quality and outcomes seriously at Hope. Our patient's voice is the most important. Our PRO program will ensure that we are asking the right questions and, more importantly, listening to the answers.”

CODE Technology’s service-centered platform will scale the data capture efforts for Hope. The CODE business model is different from most PRO vendors. Instead of licensing a tool to distribute surveys, when practices hire CODE, they are hiring a team of people to do the data collection and reporting for them. This results in a high capture rate, zero disruption to workflow, and high quality data.

“Without a large registry full of standardized patient-reported outcome data, everything is just a cute dream. Hope has important strategic goals that hinge on data to make decisions. Partnering with CODE proves Hope is serious about quality, outcomes, and their patients,” added Breanna Cunningham, founder and CEO of CODE Technology.

Ms. Addabbo, echoed, “Providers at Hope shouldn’t have to worry about making sure their patients fill out surveys - that’s why we partnered with CODE. When you hire CODE, you get results.”

Hope knows their patients value transparency. “This expansion of our PRO program was really driven by our providers,” said Ms. Addabbo. “Our surgeons want the data to provide a better experience for their patients. They know that with this data, our patients will know that when they choose a Hope surgeon, they are choosing the best.”

About Hope Orthopedics of Oregon
HOPE Orthopedics of Oregon has five locations in the Salem-Keizer and surrounding areas of Oregon. HOPE services range from in office diagnosis and conservative care to inpatient and outpatient orthopedic surgical procedures. Hope treats most orthopedic conditions, disorders and injuries including, but not limited to: foot and ankle conditions, hand conditions, hip and knee conditions, shoulder conditions, spine conditions, and sports injuries. Contact Hope by phone at 503-540-6300 to request an appointment.

About CODE Technology
CODE Technology is an electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) vendor, singularly focused on collecting, reporting, and benchmarking PRO data as a service. To learn why CODE Technology is the industry-leader for PRO capture rate, visit: https://www.codetechnology.com/why-code/

CONTACT: Ellen Laux