FutureLand Corp. (FUTL) Purchases 20% of Apotheca Biosciences - Developing Cutting-Edge Cannabinoids Medical Products, Nutraceuticals & Formulation Technologies

Company to Enter $2B CBD Market with CBD Consumer Products Sales Up 1,710%, Primarily from Natural Retail Channel

Denver, CO, Oct. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FutureLand Corp. (OTCPinks: FUTL), a leading provider of strategic real estate investment, grow facilities and material solutions to the medical and recreational global cannabis industry, announced today that it has purchased a 20% interest in Apotheca Biosciences (http://www.apothecabiosciences.com) for an undisclosed amount from CB Scientific, Inc. (OTCPinks: CBSC).

Apotheca Biosciences is developing cutting-edge cannabinoids medical products, nutraceuticals, formulation and drug delivery technologies for the healthcare and consumer care industry. Their pipeline of products includes, transdermal, sublingual, and nasal delivery technologies for precise and controlled dosing of cannabinoids.

“Many people are aware of the power of CBD and other cannabinoids.  But this work has only just begun.  Apotheca Biosciences is on the cutting edge of that research and development that can change the status of a person’s well-being.  This was an important acquisition for FutureLand Corp”, stated CEO Cameron Cox, “Apotheca Biosciences, with its strong management and technical team are about to present themselves to the world.”

The last two decades of research have brought a tremendous improvement in knowledge of the endocannabinoid system (eCB system) components and functions under physiological and pathological conditions. The eCB is a neuromodulatory system which consists of two subtypes of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.  CB1 receptors are the most abundant in the central neural system, expressed in both neurons and glial cells, where they regulate important brain functions including cognition and memory, emotion, motor control, feeding, and pain perception.  CB1 receptors are mostly located at the terminals of neurons of the central and peripheral nervous system where they act as modulators of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission.  CB1 receptors are also found in peripheral tissues, playing an important role in energy balance and metabolism.

 CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are localized in cells of the immune system and modulate the immune cell migration and the release of cytokines; within the nervous system CB2 receptors are mainly located in microglia. Together these two receptors modulate the proper functioning of the eCB system and are extremely critical for day-to-day functions of our bodies.  The newest research has shown that the eCB system is as important as the human immune system and has a major role in the healthy aging of human beings.

About FutureLand Corp.

FutureLand Corp., a Colorado company, is a cannabis and hemp specialty zoned land leasing company formed to capitalize upon the emerging global cannabis market. FutureLand, focuses on target acquisition, zoning, license fulfillment, site plan preparation and financing of cannabis or hemp grow facilities throughout the United States. We give growers the opportunity to grow. We monetize through leasing the land, leasing the structures on the land, financing interest revenue and management fees associated with cultivation centers. FutureLand retains ownership of all the land and the structures. FutureLand leases to both medical marijuana, retail marijuana as well as industrial hemp growers. FutureLand does not currently grow, distribute or sell marijuana. To request further information about FutureLand, please email us at info@futurelandcorp.com, log onto our website at http://www.futurelandcorp.com, or visit us on FB @ futurelandcorp and Twitter @futurelandcorp.

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