MEF Issues First Release of LSO Sonata SDK for Inter-Provider Service Orchestration

LSO Sonata APIs for machine-to-machine address validation, serviceability, and ordering are now available for experimental use

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS--(Marketwired - Oct 10, 2017) - SDN NFV World Congress 2017  - MEF, the driving force enabling agile, assured, and orchestrated services, has achieved a major milestone with the first release of the LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Sonata SDK (software development kit) that features standardized open APIs for orchestrating connectivity services across multiple service providers worldwide. The introduction of the LSO Sonata SDK coincides with the announced release of the LSO Presto SDK that relates to service orchestration over multiple network technology domains. The inter- and intra-provider LSO APIs included in these new SDKs are now available for experimental use by MEF members and associated MEF programs.

"A tremendous amount of collaborative work has been going on to build out a global community of automated, software-defined, and interconnected networks that will support orchestration of on-demand services across multiple providers and multiple network technology domains," said Nan Chen, President, MEF. "More than 25 MEF member companies and other industry organizations have been involved in advancing the groundbreaking LSO Sonata API and LSO Presto API initiatives. We congratulate these teams on their progress in moving the industry forward."

The open LSO Sonata API standardization effort is being conducted within MEF as part of the LSO Reference Architecture & Framework and in partnership with TM Forum. This work extends four of TM Forum's Open APIs to enable orchestration of MEF-defined services.

LSO Sonata SDK and APIs
MEF members are working to create a complete suite of standardized inter-provider LSO Sonata APIs defined in MEF Interface Profile Specifications (IPSs) dealing with address validation, serviceability, ordering, quoting, billing, assurance, testing, and change management. The first release of the LSO Sonata SDK -- which covers address validation, serviceability, and ordering -- is now available on the MEF-Git.

"The LSO Sonata SDK enables MEF members to experiment with open APIs for automating the service lifecycle and eventually commercializing products that align with the MEF IPSs that will be published in the future," said Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF. "Our objective is to accelerate adoption of the IPSs when they are available. Based on pre-standard versions of the IPSs, MEF SDKs enable developers to automate the generation of standardized open APIs. We will work closely with our members and various open source partners to realize their standardized implementation, which promotes interoperability."

AT&T, Orange, Colt, CenturyLink, PCCW Global, Amdocs, DGIT Systems, Ericsson, iconectiv, Iometrix, Oracle, and MEF software developer community members from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology are among the leading contributors to development of the LSO Sonata SDK release and/or demonstration of its related LSO Sonata APIs.

Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum
"MEF has leveraged the natural extension capability of the TM Forum Open APIs to enable the LSO Sonata SDKs. This is a great example of industry partnership and application of the common core capabilities of the Forum Open APIs, which enable interoperability and connectivity across all technologies and services in open digital ecosystems."

Chris Rice, Senior VP, Network Architecture and Design, AT&T
"MEF has played an important role in simplifying connectivity services across different service provider networks. Their Sonata SDK, coupled with ONAP from the Linux Foundation, creates a common framework for virtualized, software-defined and interoperable networks. This first release of the LSO Sonata SDK is a good proof point of their vision and the effort of the teams involved. AT&T is proud of the contribution we have made to the execution of this vision for next-generation networking."

Didier Duriez, Senior VP, Orange Global Solutions for Business
"I'm thrilled to show that we fulfilled our plan communicated in February. Together with MEF and TM Forum, we have now a first SDK for LSO Sonata and first standard APIs to implement global on-demand services."

Mirko Voltolini, Head of Network on Demand, Colt
"We are proud to be at the forefront of the API standardisation efforts which enable automated real-time ordering and provisioning of SDN based-services across the global community of network service providers. LSO Sonata SDK Release 1 provides the foundation that allows us to extend Colt's On Demand offering, enabling global network-as-a-service propositions for our customers and solving the real challenges that their businesses face in the digital world."

Mark Gibson, MEF OpenCS NFV Co-Chair; Director of Product Management in Amdocs
"As an active member of MEF, Amdocs supports the launch of the LSO Sonata SDK. Standardized carrier-to-carrier automated ordering is a high priority for a number of Amdocs' customers, and the LSO Sonata SDK will help meet that need. We launched the Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP portfolio on September 12th, which is one of the first solutions in the industry including support for the LSO Sonata SDK allowing inter-carrier use cases, and this will be showcased at a live demonstration at the MEF17 conference."

Stéphan Pelletier, Director Product Management, Oracle Communications Service and Network Orchestration, and MEF Co-Director of LSO Orchestration area.
"The telecom world is rapidly moving towards an ecosystem of partners where all types of Providers (Services/Wholesale/Cloud/Applications/etc.) will expose API services externally that Service Providers can leverage and orchestrate, along with their internal service and network orchestration, to deliver the best possible end-to-end customer experience. API standardization and adoption, at least for external APIs, are critical for accelerating the realization of such a real-time partner ecosystem."

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