Acquia Delivers Solutions for Data-Driven Journey Orchestration and Digital Asset Management

Acquia Journey Combines a Visual Journey Mapping Tool, Decision Engine, and User Profiles to Solve Marketing's Greatest Challenge

BOSTON, Oct. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acquia today released two new products to help accelerate digital marketing initiatives. Acquia debuted Acquia Journey, the company's new solution that makes it possible for every marketing organization to create data-driven customer journeys. Acquia Journey overcomes the false promises of omnichannel engagement, where siloed marketing technologies and disconnected customer data make it impossible for a marketer to automate personalized customer journeys.

Acquia also released Acquia Digital Asset Manager (DAM), a modern digital asset manager designed to centralize all of the creative assets within an organization. With Acquia DAM, assets are created and approved faster, campaigns are launched sooner, and customers can experience a brand consistently at every point in their journey. Together, Acquia Journey and Acquia DAM represent the latest expansion of the Acquia Platform to date. They build upon solutions for web content management, Site Factory for multisite delivery, and Acquia Lift personalization solutions to make orchestrating the customer experience across touchpoints possible for every marketer.

Marketers are frustrated. They plan stellar campaigns, create high-value content, develop powerful brand identities, and spend precious dollars on marketing and advertising technologies. But when they try to make it all work together in a seamless experience, those promises fall short. Targeted campaigns become spam, data silos keep companies from hitting audiences at the right time with the most relevant offer. Meanwhile, consumers prefer to choose where and when they interact, adding to the challenges for brands vying for attention. This keeps conversion percentages down and puts customer loyalty at risk.

Acquia Journey is built to connect marketing automation with customer profiles and journey maps to solve marketing’s greatest challenge and greatest frustration. Acquia Journey combines a flowchart-style journey mapping tool with unified customer profiles and an automated decision engine. Rules-based triggers and logic select and deliver the best-next action for engaging customers at the right time and place.

“Some would call it omnichannel marketing, others call it journey mapping. We call it the end of wasted time,” said Lynne Capozzi, Acquia CMO. “Orchestrating the customer journey has been the dream of every digital marketer who for years has believed in martech’s promises but struggled with execution. Every marketer drafts the perfect customer journey scenario on a whiteboard. Going from a whiteboard spec to full execution remains elusive for most. Acquia Journey takes whiteboard scenarios and pulls them into software, connecting systems, data, and content to yield highly targeted, contextual customer experiences.”

With Acquia Journey, marketers can plan, test, and put into action a portfolio of personalized campaigns, offers, and communications to visitors based on actions happening in real-time across any channel. These help build customer loyalty and lifetime value by ensuring they receive offers based on context and triggered at the right step in the journey. Digital agencies can drive journey-minded campaign strategies that achieve their goals for customer conversion or engagement. Marketers can now detect and deliver new opportunities across channels, bringing in all points of connection including conversational UIs, social media, and more. With Acquia Journey, marketers gain the freedom to target marketing and advertising precisely to each individual customer’s history, context, and profile.

“Today’s launch is a milestone for Acquia as we expand our focus from content management to data-driven customer journeys,” said Dries Buytaert, co-founder and chief technology officer of Acquia. “We are building on our foundation of open source and cloud solutions, bringing new products to market to help organizations build meaningful relationships with their customers through data-driven, one-to-one experiences.”

Acquia Journey unifies decision logic across systems, touchpoints and channels. Its key capabilities include:

Journey Editor, a digital whiteboard for journey mapping, with which businesses and tech teams collaborate using drag-and-drop tools to plan optimal experiences.
Graph Editor and Graph Engine, used to design, configure, and deploy journey graphs for real-time decisioning for offers, actions, and experiences.
Profile Manager unifies customer data from websites, CRM systems, email databases, and elsewhere while continually enriching profiles based on historical and real-time behaviors.
Journey metrics, which allow users to define and measure key performance indicators and view those metrics displayed directly in the journey map in real time, enabling them to see what’s working and make rapid modifications.

"We're constantly looking for ways to make our marketing more effective, targeted, and engaging," said Ron Myers, corporate vice president of digital marketing and operations at AMD. "We serve our customers and prospects best when we make the right connections at the right time and place, but disconnected systems can make that challenging. We're adopting Acquia Journey to help address the ever-increasing demands for individualized experiences."

Possible and VML are two examples of forward-thinking agencies that are helping their clients solve the challenges of omnichannel marketing.

“Consumers aren’t predictable, but their experience with a brand should be consistent wherever they choose to connect,” said Martin Coady, executive director, marketing technology at VML. “We’re working with Acquia on their next Journey.  We want to put into our practice the ability to help our clients seamlessly connect their customer-facing systems and turn individual interactions into a continuous journey.”

“Our clients invest millions building out their customer experience. When the systems they use don’t align and work as one, they risk missing the mark in the messages they send. This is especially true of conversational interactions and voice UI,” said John Cunningham, global CTO at Possible. “We need simple ways to bring martech, ad tech, and customer service systems together. We’re partnering with Acquia to help knock down the remaining barriers that get between brands and personalized, omnichannel marketing. To drive the next-best action, we need insights across all channels and interactions, and Journey helps us do that.”

To learn more visit or register for the webinar, “Customer Journey Orchestration: The Secret to Effective Omnichannel Experiences.”

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