THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: HARVEY WEINSTEIN / A Dialogue on Changing the Myth of the Casting Couch

ITVFest Adds Red Hot Panel to 12th Edition TONIGHT

MANCHESTER, Vt., Oct. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

WHAT:  THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: HARVEY WEINSTEIN/A Dialogue on Changing the Myth of the Casting Couch.  In response to concerns from attending filmmakers after the sexual predation allegations this week,  ITVFest organizers have scheduled an emergency panel to the 12th edition tonight.

Where:  Factory Point Place 4928 Main St. Downtown Manchester, VT

When:  Saturday, October 14, 2017; 6pm

Who:  Moderator: Vinca Jarrett, Entertainment Attorney & Finance Consultant
Panelists: Steven Adams, Manager/Producer Head of Management & Partner, Buffalo 8
Sarah Beaulieu, Founder, The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc.
Thea Dunlap, Producer and development executive and Sundance veteran  
Leslie Durso, Chef/TV Personality
All panelists are available for skype, phone or in person interviews.  Press are welcome to the panel.

Discussion Points:  Bullying:  How to Confront It
Who Do We Believe? – Press, Folklore, and People We Know
The Unions – Can They Help?
Changing the Environment from Casting Couch to Professional Working Environment
Documenting an Incident, and When to Go Public
Creating a New Era Post Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Roy Price
The Impact and Potential of Losing The Weinstein Company

Quote:  "This critical topic has the ability to implode the Hollywood Culture of submission to bullies,” says panel moderator and entertainment attorney Vinca Jarrett.  “It could create a new mythology of empowerment for those with talent and a dream to pursue it without fear. Let this be the beginning of that change, and not just another sound byte moment." 

WHY:  Revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual predation broke concurrent with the ITVFest this week.  Participating content creators working in film and television requested a panel be added to the schedule to address the problem and to glean advice from the industry execs already in attendance.  

BACKGROUND:   ITVFest is the original public festival of the world's best independent television pilots, webseries and short films.  ITVFest brings togetherover 1,000 filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, producers, financiers, Hollywood executives and fans to relax and connect in the Vermont mountains.

This year’s speakers include a Keynote Address by Viacom Inc. President and CEO Bob Bakish; filmmaker Bobby Farrelly (Dumb & Dumber); Daily Show showrunner; author/journalist Dave Wedge (Boston Strong), and execs from HBO, BRAVO, Viacom, Raptor Films, Comedy Central, TruTV,  and more.  Find a complete list and head shots of speakers/panelists here.  

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